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Prez PC


kelu bobby

on 2 October 2009

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Transcript of Prez PC

Prez PC Madagascar ? NTICs et
développement Madagascar? Quelle aide... pour vous? Boulot chez Orange PC1 HEC Une assoce ? Stats Summary Data
Millennium Development Goals for Madagascar: Targets for reducing poverty, improving health and education, and protecting the environment.
Madagascar Country Data Profile
Madagascar-at-a-Glance (PDF) Data by Topic
Doing Business in Madagascar: Summaries of the cost of doing business in Madagascar, based on an assessment of regulations or practices that enhance or constrain business investment, productivity, and growth.
Information/Communications/Telecommunications (PDF): ICT infrastructure & access, Computers and the Internet, ICT expenditures, and ICT business & government environment.
Gender Statistics: summary gender indicators, basic demographic data, population dynamics, labor force structure, and education and health statistics.
Health Nutrition Population Statistics
Education Statistics
Madagascar Profile in "Doing Business 2008": Indicators of the cost of doing business by identifying specific regulations that enhance or constrain the business investment, productivity, and growth. More... World Bank Sources of Data Indépendance 26 June 1960 143ème / 177 Madagascar's sources of growth are tourism; textile and light manufacturing exports (notably through the EPZs); agricultural products; and mining.
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