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Spanish-speaking countries problems/issues

Coach Cordova p. 6

Courtney Cooper

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Spanish-speaking countries problems/issues

By Courtney Cooper Spanish Speaking Countries
Problems: Guatemala A massive earthquake struck Guatemala November
7, 2012. It measured 7.4 in magnitude, making it
the largest earthquake the country has experienced
since 1996. -Continued Past Earthquakes:
-February 4, 1976.
-magnitude of 7.5
-death toll= 23,000 people

Current Earthquake:
-September 2013
-magnitude of 7.4
death toll- 48 people -Continued More than 2,000 soldiers were deployed from a
base in San Marcos to help with the disaster. A plane had already made two trips to carry relief teams to the area. The president urged people to stay put as emergency crews try to reach victims on the few roads not blocked by landslides or debris. He also encouraged people in affected areas to stay outside and away from tall buildings. Mexico Drug cartels in Mexico has captured and enslaved
at least 55,000 people.
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