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my favorite actor - Will Smith

No description

Kabazhaeva Karlygash

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of my favorite actor - Will Smith

Thank you for your attention!!!
Men in Black - American fantastic comedy 1997
In this film, Will Smith plays the role of Agent James Edwards, codenamed Agent Jay. In the film, Will Smith shows himself as a cop who helps his partner Agent Kay to save the planet, and thus avoid the danger of an intergalactic war.
Hancock - American fiction thriller about superheroes 2008
In this film, Will Smith plays the role of a superhero John Hancock. Famous Los Angeles resident John Hancock (Will Smith) has extraordinary strength, ability to fly, and invulnerability to injury. His abilities he uses, saving lives and catching criminals. However, it makes it very tough, often destroying houses, roads and causing other damage to a multimillion-dollar city. However, he firmly drinks and snarls at his antics disgruntled people.
Bad Boys II - American action comedy 2003
In this film, Will Smith plays the role of Detective Mike Lowrey. Detectives department for combating drug trafficking Mike Lowry and his partner Marcus Bernett given the task to investigate new drug delivery scheme in Miami. By pure coincidence of these ambitious plans and learn the other players of the illegal market, resulting in a real war breaks out. Despite this, Mike and Marcus was able to successfully cope with the onslaught of drug traffickers and dealers put behind bars.
my favorite actor - Will Smith
After Earth - American science fiction disaster film 2013
In this film, Will Smith removed his son Jaden Smith as Rangers Cypher Rage and China Rage. Spacecraft with father and son on board crashed on planet earth a thousand years after it was abandoned by mankind. Spacecraft carrying dangerous alien predator - Ursu, which was created specifically for hunting other people - alien - race Skrel, also claiming the planet Nova Prime, where evacuated earthlings. Ursa blind and feels his victim for fear pheromones secreted by a frightened man. Father can not move (he broke both his legs) and he sends his teenage son in a journey full of dangers to the wreckage with a spare emergency beacon. Father is considered the best hunter of this predator because no fear, and urs does not see it. But will the son be the same - it depends only on himself.
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