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OAKE 2014 - Orff in the Kodály Classroom

No description

Andrew Ellingsen

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of OAKE 2014 - Orff in the Kodály Classroom

Rhythmische Übung #52
Learn body percussion piece
Andrew Ellingsen
Practicing fa
Apple Tree
Music for Children
Volume 2, pg. 9, #21
s m r f m r d
Orff Schulwerk
in the Kodály Classroom

Andrew Ellingsen – amellingsen@gmail.com
2014 OAKE Conference, Atlanta, GA
Improvising with &
Adding Movement
Work with a small group to create a short movement piece that can go with the body percussion or xylophone piece
Make sure your movement ideas reflect the form of the piece – repeated musical phrases should have repeated movement phrases
Think about your formation – Will you be in a circle? A line? Scattered?
m r m r m r m r
d s
d f d f
Reading fa
a a b a
Orff Schulwerk in the Kodály Classroom
Please email me if you have any questions!
Music for Children,
Volume 2, p. 30, #8
Echo melodies on solfege, build to melodic skeleton of
Transfer to xylophones, add melodic details
Add accompaniment figure to
Explore , build into
A B A Coda
Practicing the descending la pentatonic scale
& anacrusis
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