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Things Fall Apart

No description

kacy lee

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe

Chapter 23 Recap
Okonkwo and five other town leaders were thrown in the jail by the District Commissioner

They suffered insults and physical abuse while in the jail

The Commissioner demanded two hundred and fifty bags of cowries

When Ezinma returned from her 28 day stay with her future in-laws, the fine was payed and the men were released
Chapter 24
Okonkwo and the rest of the prisoners were released

Town meeting was called

Okonkwo gathered his war apparel assuming Umuofia was going to rebel against the missionaries that had taken over their land

Decision against war was made

Okonkwo killed the messenger
Discussion Questions
1. Discuss why do you think Okonkwo killed the messenger?

2. Argue why or why not you think it was a good decision for Okonkwo to kill the messenger.

3. Select a symbol from this book and explain why you chose it.

4. Compare this incident with the one which resulted in Okonkwo’s exile in chapter 13.

5. Describe the possible outcomes of this killing. Do you think Okonkwo would have been reprimanded had he not killed himself? Could it spark a revolution on the missionaries?

Obeirika and Nwoye
Son of Okonkwo and his first wife
Struggles in the shadow of Okonkwo
Questions the clans' ways
Ultimate disappointment when he joins the missionaries that come to his clan
Disowned by Okonkwo
Choose one word to describe Obeirika:
Choose one word to describe Nwoye:
Okonkowo's friend and consultant
Questions the clans' ways
Helps Okonkwo through Ikemefuna's death
Sells Okonkwo's yams while he's in exile
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