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Pablo Picasso Biography

No description

ryan louangxay

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Pablo Picasso Biography

Describe your own feelings about this particular art work. What do you like or not like about it?Why did he/she paint it? Was there a reason behind it? (illness,death, drama,trauma, mental illness,etc.)
Artistic Legacy: At the time of Picasso's death many of his paintings were in his possession, as he had kept off the art market what he did not need to sell. In addition, Picasso had a considerable collection of the work of other famous artists, some his contemporaries, such as Henri Matisse, with whom he had exchanged works. Since Picasso left no will, his death duties (estate tax) to the French state were paid in the form of his works and others from his collection. These works form the core of the immense and representative collection of the Musée Picasso in Paris. In 2003, relatives of Picasso inaugurated a museum dedicated to him in his birthplace, Málaga, Spain, the Museo Picasso Málaga.
Nude, Green Leaves and Bust
This masterpiece is created in the early months of 1932. Marie-Therese Walter is model again. The painting was sold for a price of $106.5 million which was a world record in 2010.
Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
This paintings was painted in 1907 and it was called the most innovative painting since the work of Giotto. he reductionism and contortion of space in the painiting was incredible, and dislocation of faces explosive.
Hi! Today we are going to talk about the amazing artist Pablo Picasso. We are going to include who Picasso is, how his art influenced our time today, and his background.e have also designed our individual pieces of art that reflect Picasso's style of art
By: Sarah/Tiffany
By: Sarah
By: Sarah
By: Sarah
Pablo Picasso
Date of Birth: October 25th, 1881 in Malaga,Spain
Date of Death: April 8th, 1973 in Mougins France/Age:91
Career: Painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright
Famous Pieces:Les Demoiselles d'Avignon(1907)Guernica (1937)The Weeping Woman (1937)
Children: Paloma Picasso, Claude Pierre Pablo Picasso, Maya Widmaier-Picasso, Paul Joseph Picasso
Parents: Mother Doña Maria y Lopez Father Don José Ruiz Blasco Picasso School:Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

1) I first made a rough copy keeping in mind that my cat does not need to look like one based on Picasso’s style. When I got to my final copy I drew a cat then started making straight lines across the paper. After that, I used chalk pastels to fill in the shapes I made, until I ended up with it all colored in.
2) I used the multimedia paper for my artwork, I also used chalk pastels which are mostly what Picasso used in his cubism work.
3) I used several of different colors and shades. I also shaded in some parts to make my cat stand out.
4) I didn’t have a message in my art piece I only wanted to reflect Picasso’s style of art like I was assigned.
5) I like how my cat doesn’t stand out too much so it’s not that obvious it’s a cat. But I wouldn’t have used the same colors on both inside the cat and the background.
6) My artwork does not express my feelings because I didn’t have a particular feeling or perspective while I was coloring.
1. First I made a rough of a face that does not actually need to look like a face with all sorts of pattern then I moved on to the good copy.
2. I used multimedia paper and crayon.
3. Pablo Picasso art he really made his picture stand out with all sorts of color and lines that doesn't necessarily have to be perfect so with that in mind.
4. I didn't have a message in my art I just did beacause this style stood out to me.
5. I like that it's colorful the person stands out and has a sense of uniquness with his abstract face pattern that
6.It's a sense of shock due to his creepy abstract face along with his mouth.
critical questions
By: Tiffany
By: Ryan
rose period
Picasso also had a rose period which occurred right after his blue period between 1904 and 1906. Picasso had this period of time where he painted in rose and red reflecting that he fell in love with a lady named Fernand Olivier whom he met is 1904. This is one of the possible reasons he changed his style of art.These bright pieces featured many circus people. consists of more cheery works of art (makes a change from prostitutes) with brighter colors.
blue period
Picasso had a blue period existing from 1900 to 1904. During which Picasso would paint works of blue and blue-green shades to give off a sad feeling. Beggars and prostitutes were the usual focal point of these works. Picasso was inspired to do this by a trip he made through Spain and by the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas.
Picasso once more changed his style of art from his black period to cubism, which occurred in 1907. It was also believed that he created cubism with Georges Braque.style in which artists would take objects and break down their complexity into simpler, less detailed objects.
black period
Picasso also had a black period which in he drew black and dark colors. Picasso had the black period from 1906 to 1907, in which he falls under the influence of African art. Picasso didn’t give African art the effort it deserved, he also didn’t admit he was influenced by it.
I feel that Picasso’s art does not make sense in any way although it can be seen from many perspectives it does not deserve being sold for millions of dollars. Here I will talk about Picasso’s many styles of art and when and why he did them.
Classicism and Surrealism (1912-1930′s): This period began just after the upheaval of World War I. Picasso used ideas by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

Classicism and Surrealism
By: Tiffany
thank you for listening and we hope you learned more about Picasso
google images

I didn't use much strategies to plan but how I thought of my idea, I just wanted to do the abstract art because I just really liked the ways of lines and colors he did.
2. I used a normal pencil to sketch out the abstract face and I used acrylic paints to paint the face.
3, Some various elements I used was the lines because I used it to make the different lines across the face and I used various colors to paint the face.
4. I didn't really have a message for my art piece but I just really wanted to pick something that really inspired me.
5. Something I really liked about my art piece was the abstract lines that you make randomly around the piece and it just makes it have more details to enjoy about the piece.
6. It shows originality because it's made from me and it shows imagination because actual people don't have lines across their face and their facial features are randomly placed like the art piece but how we have them all in place.
Pablo Picasso never had much interest in school and often grab poor marks. Except for his art skill which when he was a child was very professional. Soon after his father taught him how to do art he soon surpassed his father and not long after he completley pushed school to the back of his mind and doodle/draw on his notebook. At the age of 14 he moved to Barcelona , Spain where he applied into an art school and obviously he passed but although he was inrolled into an art school some he's dedicated to he just skip class and go sketching of anything in plain sight.
When Pablo Picasso was just a boy his father taught him how to draw and not long after he surpassed his father . Later at the age of 14 he moved to the city of Barcelona Spain. Where later he met the a Russian ballet and soon to be his wife and the birth Pablo first child Paul Joseph Picasso. The 2 couple didn't get along as well as they thought Pablo wanted to divorce but he lose half his wealth which was great to him but he would also lose half his art which was something he treasured. Later his wife met an ill fate and passed away and a few years gone by and he married another woman known as Jacqueline roque.
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