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OVA Spins the Oscars


Kaycee Smith

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of OVA Spins the Oscars

In Association with FS Studios for the film
Dead Man Walking
by Kaycee Smith
Spins the Oscars
Good morning, Big Macher. I hope you've had your coffee...
Here's the plan...
We have a serious problem on our hands…

In a recent interview about her role in Dead Man Walking, Susan Sarandon referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a "Nazi." During the public interview at a New York film festival in the Hamptons, just two weeks after the premier of Dead Man Walking, she mentioned that she sent the book, which the movie was based on, to Pope John Paul II. However, to make it clear who she was referring to she added, "The last [pope], not this Nazi one we have now." She even repeated the remark after the interviewers shocked response.
Catholic groups are enraged. They are defending the pope by explaining his
membership into the Hitler Youth group, how he refused to go to the meetings and eventually deserted the group. The Anti-Defamation League is asking that Sarandon apologize to the Catholic Community for her "hateful, vindictive" remarks.
Neither Sarandon or her agent have made a formal statement or apology about the offensive remarks made in her interview. This could be detrimental to the success of her film, Dead Man Walking, which has recently been nominated for an Oscar. We could potentially see protesters at the theaters or the award show. There may also be a large group of boycotters against the movie, affecting numbers at the box office. The controversy is made worse because Sarandon's role in the film is, in fact, a Catholic nun. In conclusion, this could lower the chances of the film winning an Oscar. We must do something!

Contact: Kaycee Smith
1560 Central Avenue Suite 409
Los Angeles, CA 33705
(225) 978-8909

For Immediate Release

Susan Sarandon Exercises Her First Amendment Right

Hollywood, CA -- December 2, 2012 Actress Susan Sarandon, known for her strong beliefs and assertiveness, made a disagreeable remark about the current pope in a recent interview at a New York film festival, causing upset in some Catholic groups.

Sarandon, who was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1999 and who was raised as a Roman Catholic, meant no offense to the Catholic Community. She was simply expressing her personal opinion. The actual Sister Helen Prejean (Sarandon's character in the film, Dead Man Walking) said of the actress upon their meeting, "I knew that she was [trustworthy]. And as I began to learn about her life, what she stood up for, I knew that she stuck her neck out for things that she believed in." (http://www.americancatholic.org/messenger/Apr1996/feature1.asp)

Sarandon never intended to be an enemy to the Catholic Community. Her family is very close to Sister Helen and several other members of the Catholic Church. The disagreeable remarks she made in her interview should not be held against her.

About Halo Publicists
Halo Publicists, the country's premier public relations firm, has a fifteen year history of successful and sophisticated public relations campaigns. With offices in both New York and Los Angeles, Halo offers the best PR services to a wide range of respectable clients across various industries and platforms.

Here's some good news! You'll be happy to hear, Big Macher, that Sean Penn, our star in Dead Man Walking, is going to be knighted by the Haitian President Rene Preval very soon.

This award is to recognize his efforts in bringing relief to the people of Haiti after the tragic earthquake they experienced in 2010. Immediately following the earthquake, Penn founded J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which focuses on helping with medical aid, protection, and re-location. He has been a regular visitor to the country and a major part of the recovery effort. Penn, along with 22 others have been invited to receive this top honor.

The knighting ceremony will take place in Port-Au-Prince on the site of the presidential palace just days before before the premier of Dead Man Walking. This will coincide perfectly with the release of the film. If we capitalize on this event it could help tremendously with the appeal of the movie.
Live Event
We make the ceremony a live streaming online event. Fans from all over can tune in to watch Penn receive the highest honor from the Haitian president.
Let's give our audience the opportunity to be a part of the Haiti relief efforts by supporting J/P HRO. We can set up donation containers at select theaters with 100 custom rubber bracelets at each theater. The bracelets could say something like "HELPING HAITI J/P HRO". If a donation is made, the person receives a bracelet.
Social Media Action
We'll need to spread the word. First, about Sean Penn's efforts and the honor he'll be receiving. Secondly, share the details about our live online event. And finally, about the donation containers and bracelets in theaters. We can do this through all of the major social media outlets: Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
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