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Test-Tube Babies

The ethical factors involved in the altering of offspring genetically

Megan Elizabeth

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Test-Tube Babies

Test-Tube Babies By: Adrianna Van Delden & Megan Elizabeth Chong Louise was born in 1978 in England Pro
Giving parents who are incapable of creating offspring another opportunity
Helping reduce the amount of children born with the genetic diseases
Eliminating birth defects like Down Syndrome, Famial hypercholesterolemia, rare blood disorders such as Diamond Blackfan Anaemia

Having to deal with unknown scientific factors
parents can choose the gender, eye, skin and hair color of the baby as well as physical traits such as intelligence, beauty, height, stopping a propensity towards obesity, freedom from mental illnesses, athletic ability, etc.
Can create new disease without knowing
Not giving the child the chance to choose his/her own life
She was born without any complications or diseases
"the first test tube baby" is a mother herself now Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby in the world, has given birth to a child of her own. The boy named Cameron was conceived naturally and without IVF. GAME TIME! Knowledge issue

To what extent can the alteration of genes be justified by ethics? 1) If you were put in a situation where you had to choose whether or not to resort to creating a test-tube baby, would you?
2) What makes genetically altering children correct or incorrect? thank you:) show video
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