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Autumm TomatoSoup

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of DIGITAL LITERACY!!

My Results
What does this mean?
ghteghsdf rfghdio askll skkknslll skkks
More examples....
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A few examples of my questions and results
3 out of 7 people that did the survey chose 0-30 minutes

4 out of 7 people that did the survey chose 1-2 hours
What is digital literacy?
Digital Literacy is the growth of skill and knowledge on digital networks and devices (such as phones, computers, tablets).

The internet is also an important part of digital literacy. Many people of many different ages go on the internet for many different reasons. I have made a survey shows what the majority of 24 students between ages 11 and 12 do on the internet.
Digital Literacy
Did you know...

1.) How long do you spend on the computer each day?

2.) How many times do you use the computer in a week?
4 out of 7 people that did the survey chose 3 times a week

3 out of 7 people that did the survey chose everyday of the week

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