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No description

Nokthula Madondo

on 8 December 2013

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How Adluck Poultry


we are a black owned poultry business
we produce and supply organic chickens
we supply chicken feed and....
Individual Registration
Who we look for?

entrepreneurs wishing to be employed by Adluck
customers interested in our Diamond vision
distributors etc.
we are proud to say that we do not inject our chickens with growth hormones
We also supply a day -old chicks
How to Join a Cooperative
1. Who can Join?
farmers, entrepreneurs, community leaders etc
2. How to Get Started?
make sure you invite your friends, community groups to join with you.
...you need 60 people in total
for fresh, quality poultry products, contact us.

our brochure
Steps to Becoming a Cooperative
Step 1:

1. Once you have 60 people,
contact us to set up an initial meeting

2. Attend our workshop and we will take you through how we work and all the costs involved.

3. We assist you register your co-op. Pay R615 excl. vat

4. Get a bank acc and tax clearance certificate

Step 2: Submit Documents

#After the initial registration, you will need to submit:

3 months' bank statements
ID copied of all members
Tax Clearance Certificate
Proof of residence of all members
Step 2: Payment - All Costs Involved

You will need to pay:

R1750 excl. vat for annual membership
R615 excl. vat for cooperative registration
R1250 excl. vat for the uniform
Step 3: Finalizing of Documents

Once the registration is complete, we will help with:

Finalizing acquisition of land
Conducting a feasibility study (EIA)
Getting a certificate
Developing a business plan
Signing a DTI declaration form
Submitting funding application to various funders
Doing the funding follow-up
Project is then implemented
"We coach businesses and individuals how to run a profitable poultry business", - Lewis Chauke
Steps to Take
To get Started

1. Attend a workshop by Adluck Poultry Holdings
2. Pay Membership fee (R1750 excl. vat)
3. Submit CV, ID, etc
4. Sign application forms
5. Adluck then conducts feasibility study
6. Pay a Uniform fee (R1250 excl.vat)
7. Adluck conducts a feasibility study (EIA)
8. Submit a business plan for funding
9. The site is then open
what's different about our chickens?
012 661 2070 www.facebook.com ads@wol.co.za
012 661 2070 www.facebook.com ads@wol.co.za
012 661 2070 www.facebook.com ads@wol.co.za
012 661 2070 www.facebook.com ads@wol.co.za
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