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Wuthering Heights

No description

Ashlee Sawyer

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte Theme/Symbol/Motif/Summary Ending Project By: Wuthering Heights Trailer Summary Motifs Symbols Theme Characters Settings Protagonist/
Antagonist Characters/Setting Heathcliff- An orphan brought to live in Wuthering heights by Mr.Earnshaw. Heathcliff was both the protagonist and antagonist in this story because he goes through a lot of self conflict with himself which had to do with man vs. self Wuthering Heights
Thrushcross Grange The destructiveness of love that never changes: Catherine and Heathcliffs passion are the source of the major conflicts within this the novel. Their love not only brings hurt and hatred but ultimately their bitter deaths.
Social classes: Because of Catherine and Heathcliff’s social upbringing, and the hierarchy of late eighteenth-nineteenth century British society their love could not be made legit in the eyes of society. Their social differences ultimately lead to the destruction that is portrayed in the novel. Love
Vengeance The Ghosts- Things like Catherine's ghost can show how memories stay with people and how your past doesn't always stay there but it may follow you into your future
Moors- They would refer back to this during the story as a place and due to the repetition we think its a significant place that stands for something She loved him…..He loved her…..they were lovers who couldn’t be together without more drama than Hollywood. Kids and Death around every corner. Everyone was caught up in the lies, betrayal, and love. The more they went in the closer they were to their end. See who lives and who dies while still holding their lovers hands. Ashlee S.
Alicia M.
Vanessa T.
Taylor Q.
Sophia A. Catherine Earnshaw- The daughter of Mr.Earnshaw who brought Heathcliff to Wuthering Heights Hareton Earnshaw- Catherine Earnshaw's nephew Linton Heathcliff- Isabella and Heathcliff's son Isabella Linton- Heathcliff's Lover Hindley Earnshaw- Catherine's Brother Catherine Linton- Catherine Earnshaw's Daughter Mr. Earnshaw Geneology Mrs.Earnshaw Hindley Frances Catherine m Hareton m Mr.Linton m Mrs.Linton Edgar m Heathcliff m Isabella Linton Catherine
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