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Stan's case

No description

ana Ventura

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Stan's case

Stan's case Summary
Stan was 35 years old,
He was a very troubled young man
He cant take control of acoholic and sometimes drugs substances
His real problems come from his extremely low self-esteem. This stemmed from his childhood
During his childhood his whole family contributed to his current issues.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
This therapy works effectively for the treatment of a variety of conditions such as personality, anxiety, mood, eating, substance abuse and mental disorders also known as psychosis disorders.

Underlining the concept of Cognitive behavior therapy is that our thoughts, feelings and emotions play a fundamental role in our behavior,

For example as Stan´s case: he spend most of his time thinking about suicide and past events that only brought him negative thoughts, the goal of this therapy is to help clients to take control of how they interpret and deal with things among the environment
Psychoanalytic Therapy
The psychoanalytic approach focuses on the conscious psychodynamics of Stan´s behavior.

The purpose of this therapy is to increase self understanding and deepening into emotional issues and conflicts which highlight the present issues.

Additionally this type of theories frequently involves looking somebody´s experiences during childhood stage in order to discover how those experiences shaped the individual on how they contributed to current actions.
Stan's case
His mother shattered his view of women due to the fact she dominated his father and Stan himself
During his childhood and part of his adolescence he was compared with his brother and sister.
His family was the main root of his problems
There are a few therapies in which Stan can benefit from:
Cognitive behavioral therapy
psychoanalytic therapy
Adlerian Therapy
Person-centered theraphy
exixtential therapy
These therapies are:
In this therapy clients should learn new skill that can be put into use of real world situation.
For example in Stan´s case it is applied as the way his childhood experiences drive him into his negative emotions, feelings and behavior.
Adlerian Therapy
This therapy provides four stages that counselors must apply:

the first is establish and maintain a good working relationship with the client
exploring clients dynamics
encourage clients to develop understanding
helping clients to see new alternatives in order to make better choices.
This therapy was applied to Stan´s case in order to provide all main issues that contributed to his alcohol addiction, as well as how he felt intimidated with others, his divorce and all the way up to suicide
Person centered therapy provide few techniques to treat an individual’s issues,

counselor must be completely genuine.
the counselor must be non-judgmental.
the counselor must strive to understand the client's point of view
The main technique in Stan’s case was to create a climate where he could trust in himself and tap his inner resources.
Existential Therapy
Helps the client identify their beliefs, then explore these beliefs where they come from, explore goals and encourage clients to take steps toward these goals
In Stan´s case:
Reflect Stan´s statements
explore his goals
Encourage Stan to gain a deeper undestanding of himself
Challenge Stan passivity
Assess if he might be threat to self

These five therapies; Cognitive behavioral therapy,psychoanalytic therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Person-centered theraphy
and exixtential therapy, provides highly important concepts to take a step toward Stan´s case
These therapies count with skills and tasks to treat people´s behavior, also Stan´s case is fundamental in the role of a therapist.
Stan´s Case
By: Ana ventura
Course: Theories of counseling & guidance
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