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Day 4 Community Aid & Development Inc. Fractal Model for Community Development

An overview of Day 4's fractal concept for community development in Central Africa

Andrew Rigg

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Day 4 Community Aid & Development Inc. Fractal Model for Community Development

Small Business Funds Wages for
Regional/National Community Development Facilitator For
Regional CBOs Which Develop
Small Business Projects Providing
CBO Wages & operational expenses To
Micro-Economic/Self Help Groups Providing
Training and Support Who Provides
Training and Support Employing a
Local area Facilitator Earning
$$$ Improving
Health Increasing
Skills and Knowledge Which Start
Small Businesses Day 4 Inc. CBO
Business + Facilitator Cell Group
+ Skills
+ Knowledge
+ Business Principles - Saving
Learning new skills
Health and welfare
Emphasis on cooperative enterprise Cycles of Poverty Broken Social Capital Increased
Acceptance Economy Developed Skills required in the community again Professionals Return
(Bankers, accountants, new businesses) Is a Fractal -
Looks the same at macro and micro levels And So On Cell Group Cell Group Cell Group Cell Group Business + facilitator This is Good News for everyone! DAY 4 Community Aid & Development Inc.

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