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Ideation Journey by Ivy Huynh

Ideation Journey of Mrs.Uyen by Ivy Huynh

Ivy Huynh

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Ideation Journey by Ivy Huynh

Stay at home
Ideation Journey by Ivy Huynh

This is my objective. It explains my goals and why I would make such an awesome employee.
Worked freelance as a senior environmental advisor
Become a Prime Minister
Building a leisure park on the Moon
I want to find a new challenging job so I have an opportunity to change my life
Practical idea
a 33 year-old woman
A wife
A mother of a 7-year-old boy
An employment
Got MA of Enviroment for 4 years
Short-course training at university or training school
Attending distance online courses at university

Self -
Set up my own business
(Environmental Consultancy Company)
Collaborate with friends set up a startup
Open online shop
(selling flowers, fast food, cakes, clothes or cosmetic)
worked freelance as a senior environmental advisor
Become a professor at college or university
Open a grocery store
Free online course on venture-lab platform or coursera website
Soft skills such as presentation, time management, team work, negotiation and discussion
Additional subjects for business such as finance, economics, marketing, logitic and export skills
Technological ability (how to use computer and software programmes)
Communicating effective - learning foreign language
Strong interpersonal skills
Attending social forums or social training
Looking a new challenging job to be an awesome employee

Online job companies or websites
From friends' recommendation
From relatives' suggestion
Head Hunters
Social Networks such as
Linked In, Twitter
Job Centers
Employment agencies
Advertisements on
Use Job banks and job listings
Attending Job
Job search engines
Be a woman writer
Be a housewife, take care children and housework
Opening a nursing home
Opening a nursery to look children for working workers
Having the other baby
Be a music composer
Fascinating Work
Participant Women's Pageant
Become a policeman
Be a famous Chef
A Gym Coach
Be a Prime Minister
As she can
balance her time between her job and housework
A volunteer work in African countries for WHO projects
Join the Voice Vietnam contest
A coach of women soccer
Incredible job
Building Underground city
Building a Leisure Park on the Moon
Travel to the Moon
Living in the Mars
Be a space-woman
Be a fortune-teller
Following Interests
Have a happy family
Have a challenging job
Become a succesful business woman
Increasing earning power
As she would like to be the first Prime Minister in Viet Nam like Prime Minister of Thailand, Madam Yingluck Shinawatra
Make a significant event for Viet Nam
Be agricultural and land management
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