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Charles Baudelaire - Paris Spleen

No description

Emiko Nakayama

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Charles Baudelaire - Paris Spleen

Charles Pierre Baudelaire
Paris, France
April 9 1821- August 31 1867

François Baudelaire (~1827)
Caroline Baudelaire
Jacques Aupick

Poet, essayist and art critic
Translator for Edgar Allan Poe
1857: Fleurs du Mal/Flowers of Evil
Inspired a new generation of poets: Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Stéphane Mallarmé
The Writer
Paris Spleen
51 prose poems
Published posthumously in 1869
1850's Paris
Beauty of life in a modern city
Spleen: melancholy with no apparent cause, characterized by a disgust with everything
Paris Spleen
In no particular order
No beginning or end
Sporadic thoughts
Reading Presentation
Charles Baudelaire - Paris Spleen
I. The Stranger
XII. Crowds
XXVI. The Eyes of the Poor
XXVIII. Counterfeit
XLIII. The Gallant Marksman
XLIV. The Soup and The Clouds
XLV. The Shooting Gallery and the Cemetery
XLVI. Beat Up the Poor
1928: Mother married Lieutenant Colonel Jacques Aupick
Inheritance from his biological father
Attended Louis-le-Grand but expelled
Earned high-school degree, began pursuing a literary career
Frequented prostitutes, experimented with drugs, accumulated debts
Contracted gonorrhea and syphilis
1941: Sent on a voyage to Calcutta, India
aborted trip mid-way
catalyst to becoming a writer
1944: Spent half of his inheritance, finance became regulated
Father -> "the General"
Struggled through emotional stress, illness and financial stress
cynical, bitter
"My dear friend, I send you here a little work of which no one could say that it has neither head nor tail, because, on the contrary, everything in it is both head and tail, alternately and reciprocally... I dedicate this entire serpent to you."

- to Arsène Houssaye
The Artist/Poet
The Soup and the Clouds
The Gallant Marksman
The City
The Eyes of the Poor, Counterfeit, Beat up the Poor
Religion/Good vs. Evil
The Stranger
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