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Looking For Alaska

No description

emma navickis

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

Written By:
John Green Looking For Alaska Characters Alaska dies in a car accident that night. Miles "Pudge" Halter Alaska Young Chip "Colonel" Martin Takumi "The Fox" Hikohito Lara Buterskaya Mr. Starnes "The Eagle" Scrawny
Bored with playing it safe
Memorizes people's last words
Searching for a "Great Perhaps"
Open minded Outspoken
Searching for a way out of the labyrinth Pudge's roommate
Dislikes sports and weekday warriors
"But I'm going to read them all. I call it my Life's Library. Every summer since I was little, I've gone to garage sales and bought all the books that looked interesting" (Green 20). "Yall smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die" (Green 44). "Best day of my life hasn't happened yet. But I know it. I see it every day. The best day of my life is the day I buy my mom a huge fucking house" (Green 116). "That was the day I stopped caring what people did. I just never cared anymore, about being a loser or not having friends or any of that" (Green 117). Secretive
Knows all
Enforcer Pudge's short lived love interst
Innocent Before Pudge moves from Florida to Alabama in search of "The Great Perhaps". There he starts his school year at Culver Creek Preparatory School. Pudge befriends The Colonel and Alaska. Together, these two introduce Pudge to new experiences. A prank war commences between the three friends and the weekday warriors.
Kevin's Prank Pudge, Alaska, The Colonel, and Takumi are caught smoking on campus and face expulsion. Alaska and the Colonel get drunk. Alaska dares Pudge to hook up with her, and he does. Alaska gets a phone call in the middle of the night and abruptly leaves campus, in a hysterical state. Pudge and Alaska stay at school over Thanksgiving break while most students go home. They bond for a few days before The Colonel invites them to his trailer for a Thanksgiving feast.

Event shows The Colonel's true character The team pulls their best prank to date and spends the weekend hiding out in a barn. The Eagle calls all students to the gym. He announces that Alaska has passed away in a car accident.

Pudge is in denial After Everyone at Culver Creek attends Alaska's funeral. The boys find the words "Straight and fast" written in one of Alaska's favorite books in her room.

Suicide? Pudge and The Colonel talk to the cop involved in the accident, asking him questions about Alaska.

White flowers Pudge talks to his mother on the payphone in the dorm hallway. He notices a doodle of white flowers which Alaska had drawn on the wall. Pudge, The Colonel, and Takumi pull a prank in memory of Alaska. Takumi confesses the truth about "that night." After knowing the full story Pudge forgives Alaska for leaving. Themes Coming of age
Teen angst
There is more to life and more to any person than can be experienced or known "But ultimately I do not believe that she was only matter. The rest of her must be recycled, too. I believe now that we are the sum of our parts. If you take Alaska's genetic code and add her life experiences and the relationships she had with people, and then you take the size and shape of her body, you do not get her. There is something else entirely. There is a part of her greater than the sum of her knowable parts..." (220). Favorite Quotes THE END
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