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The Lack of Asians and Asian-American Athletes in Professional Sports

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Ian Chiang

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The Lack of Asians and Asian-American Athletes in Professional Sports

Sports as a Microcosm of Society: Stereotypes of Asians and Asian-Americans Stereotypes in Sports Stereotype Threat 5% of US population is Asian

0.3% of corporate officers

less than 1% of board members

less than 2% of college presidents

Fortune 500: only 9 CEOs are of Asian descent
arduous and hard working, "nerdy", smart, good at math

15-25% of students in Ivy League schools are of Asian descent

52.4% of Asian-Americans graduated college
national average was 30%
uncoordinated, physically inferior, not athletic

Asian parents put an enormous amount of pressure and value on education and academics

"It is common that coaches and teachers at schools presume that an Asian American kid belongs in the science lab, not on the football field."

lack of diversity in sports which may further discourage Asian athletes from progressing in sports and amplify the stereotypes against them
continue Racial and Gender Report Card

conduct research on stereotype threat and how to reduce it

conduct research at the high school level and youth leagues

research in foreign nations' sports leagues

The Lack of Asians and Asian-Americans in Professional Sports Asians and Asian-Americans in Society Difference between Asians and Asian-Americans in Sports Asian athletes from foreign nations that have proven themselves come to play in the United States

Asian-American athletes that usually have careers in sports usually compete in individual sports that require little or no physical contact

Asians and Asian-Americans in Sports NFL - 2%

MLB - 1.9%

NBA - <1% Future Research Leveling the Playing Field teach society that stereotypes do not define a certain race

teach Asians and Asian-Americans to break through the "bamboo ceiling" and stereotype threat

create leagues for Asians so they know they are capable of playing sports at a high level Works Cited http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2011/05/11/why-arent-there-more-asian-american-leaders/






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