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Marketing Analysis Report

this is the marketing report for BAC. its contain issue about services (pilot training program, charter flight, demo flight experience) and the new service that our group has created for. We analyze over the introduction of each service, the environment.

Parit Worasri

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Analysis Report

Marketing Analysis for
BAC Demo flight Charter flight Goal to produce professional pilot To prepare for operations such as trainer equipments aircraft maintemances To produce individual in aviation industries for Thai people. to be LEADER in aviation Education & training academy Macroenvironment Services Pilot training programe Demo flight Charter flight Macroenvironment Microenvironment Competition Compare Buyer Decision Process Segmentation Targeting Positioning Aviation Industrial Expanding Aviator is needed "to be a aviator" is a dream of many people Law, Regulation, and minimum limitation in aviation employment. pilot required PPL and/or CPL many people can't be an aviator Supplier Customer Government Competitor self satisfy Hobby Freetime activity want to be a pilot but hasn't PPL Approval by DCA ICAO achieve AOC the most expensive but longer with 1 hours Reputation and reliablility Need recoginition Information search Evaluated of alternative Purchase decision Want to fly, Want to be a pilot due to regulation and requirement But can't !!! be able to fly the aircraft wiht no license demo flight is a choice. Comparing with 4 selections Tend to depending on course's cost PCAT Royal group solar BAC May or may not change decision. Age of 30-50 Mid-High educated level Family group Educated organization interesting in Aviation VALS MarKeTing MIX flying experience survices Product Price 16,900 THB per on person Place instruct at BAC and fly around bangkok Promotion BAC's Website Process People Macroenvironment • World’s Economic growth
• Thailand’s Economic growth
• Aviation industry expanding
• More business and investment
• Rush
• Thailand Travel booming
• Premium, high class traveler
• Aviation Deregulation
• Small to mid-sized aircraft Generation
• Comfort aircraft technology
Microenvironment Supplier Customer Government Competitors cessna citation mustang rush business purpose high class premium traveler point to point traveling Approval from DCA ICAO achieve AOC MJETS Limited Royal skyways siam land flying Nokmini Competitor Compare Buyer Decision Process need recognition Information Search Evaluated of Alternatives Purchase decision Post purchase behavior Segmentation Targeting Position • Age 30 – 55
• High rank of career
• Businessman
• Management Level
• High social class
• High Revenue
• Thailand
New Product Introduction to expand the fleet size cover Charter flight not clear position problem Utilize by special occasion services on flight such as Dinner on the sky Macroenvironment better economic stability higher income Deregulation Demands of new experiences improve of cockpit technology excite!! Microenvironment similar to the charter flight Cessna citation X Competitor Compare Competitive adventage new aircraft give better competitive adventage cessna citation mustange can be a choice Buyer Decision Process Need recognition rapid and fast flight Special occasion...make it's best need some new and eligent experience. point to point transportation sight seeing Information Search Evaluated of Alternative compare factor Purchase Decision Post Purchasse Decision Citation X made BAC a better choice. Segmentation Targeting postioning family HIGH status income Age of 30-50 high need self actualization Achieve life goal well attitude toward Innovation Sucess in family life RICH Marketing Mix(er) Product Place Promotion Physical Evidence Process People high services Bangkok international airport around the city, or near Bangkok warm and care attendant Pilot Training Program Private Pilot Licence Program Instrument Rating Course Multi-engine Rating Course Commercial Pilot Licence Program Macroenvironment Economic expand people more wealthy Techonology Avionic technology development of Instrument technology Demographic develope pilot skill VFR IFR Microenvironment Supplier Aircraft Instrument manual cessna
Piper seneca FAA Instrument
exam study guide
FAA/AIM Customer Hold PPL
develope pilot skill Government Approve from DCA ICAO Achieve AOC Competitor Public Media citizen-action aerospace magazine internet discusion in the weboard Competitor Compare Buyer Decision process Post purchase behavior Evaluated of Alternative Purchase decision Information Search Need recognition in cast of low visibility
due to the weather VFR is low performance flying need IFR skill IFR resolve VFR problem Advertisment personel feedback factor comparing IR programe are undiffer, may not change decision Segmentation same as PPL course. hold PPL and develop to higher skill TARGET challenger mid to high status VALS : experiencer Positioning citizen-action Customer multi-engine programe are undiffer, may not change decision Multiengine technology TARGET challenger Evaluated of Alternative Hold PPL
develope pilot skill develope pilot skill aerospace magazine Aircraft Government internet Approve from Techonology Competitor people more wealthy Single engine Purchase decision Competitor Compare need MR skill mid to high status collect and compare
MR course information Information Search Demographic VALS : experiencer DA-42
Piper seneca Buyer Decision process DCA discusion in the weboard Multi engine Instrument manual Macroenvironment Jeppesen Sanderson
Multi-Engine Manual Economic expand same as PPL course. Segmentation Positioning Need recognition Post purchase behavior personel feedback Media Microenvironment Public factor comparing need pilot skill development ICAO hold PPL and develop to higher skill Achieve AOC Supplier Microenvironment Supplier Cessna
Piper Seneca Maketing Intermediaries Co-Training with Aviation institute, Rungsit University

Aeronautic Engineering, Assumption U. Customer One, interested in flying activity either Aviation or non aviation educated Graduated from High school and want to be a Self satisfy Want a license and Knowledge Government the course from DCA ICAO Achieve AOC Public Media Aerospace Webpage Citizen-action discusion on the Web-Board Competitors Competitor Compare most expensive is Srirajah Aviation shortest program range
is Solar Aviation Buyer Decision Process Information Search Purchase decision eed license Flying for CPL compare information information from Advertising personal feedback comparing factor May or May not change decision Achieve PPL from DCA after traning and be satisfact ADVISE
Other Segmentation Flying activity Demographic male and female working age Sociality Mid to High status VALS Demographic Comercial Pilot recently graduated from H.S. unemployed well family support Aim to be an excellent pilot Sociality VALS Mid to High status TARGETING Youth have a dream to be a PILOT Love Flying Activity PREMIUM Positioning Need recognition Evaluated of Alternative Post purchase behavior Cessna
Piper Seneca
Jappensen manual
Commercial airline materail collect and analyz information the course approve
from Maketing Intermediaries Competitor Compare Aviation institute, Rungsit University

Aeronautic Engineering, Assumption U. TARGETING Achieve AOC comparing factor Co-Training with ICAO Public Youth have a dream to be a PILOT DCA Customer Buyer Decision Process PREMIUM Achieve CPL from DCA after traning and be satisfact ADVISE
Other Media Information Search Purchase decision Positioning PPL holder and want to be an airline pilot Need recognition Segmentation Webpage Aerospace Evaluated of Alternative Citizen-action Microenvironment Government Supplier Post purchase behavior discusion on the Web-Board economic spand
more wealthy rapidly horizontal expand of Aviation industry Airline fleet expand lead to number of pilot requirment is higher airline pilot must hold CPL Airline pilot scholarship. all course are indifference to fly comercial airline, CPL requried Magazine Feedback Website Webboard unemployed age of 20 to mid male and female well support family mid-high social status Competitors Marketing MIX Product Price Place Promotion Process Physical evidence People pilot traning services High course fee, but high premium class Bangkok international airport worthwhile Homepage and BAC's Website apply screening accept Ground training Flight training PPL or CPL license IR/MR certificated high experience trainner Air force marchale natural environment Insufficien fuel higher price cost HIGH!! Investment
Spand in Aviation industry need more aviation personal such as pilots and other. and people are richer and be able to purchase different kinds of activity such as FLYING alue and attitude attitudes are changed overtime
activity like flying are more widely more graduated from institute
instead of UNIVERSITY just have a certificate and be able to work is okay!! and incase of one who want to be a pilot
them need a PPL to get Comercial pilot licence PPL! it is required a license to FLYING in the sky
in case of private aircraft them need Politic and regulation Macroenvironment conomic politic and regulation required PPL for flying
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