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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Dropping of the two atomic bombs

Ty C

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Dropping of the Bombs

Thank you for your attention!
First bomb dropped
August 6, 1945
Location: Hiroshima
Time: 8:15am
4,000 degrees C
980mph wave
140,000 deaths
90% of buildings burned or destroyed

Second bomb dropped
Location: Nagasaki
Time: 11:02am
Date: August 9, 1945
75,000 civilian deaths
23% of buildings burned or destroyed
Little Boy
Fat Man
Impacts of Bombs/Radiation
The Debate
Should we have dropped the Atomic Bombs??
Japan deserved it for Pearl Harbor
Saved American lives - too many dying
Threats of suicide bombers
Better than land invasion
Japan had no intent to give up
End war immediately (Japan refused to surrender after Potsdam Treaty (unconditional surrender))
Firebombing was worse
100,000 deaths
Demonstrate US power and capabilities
They were warned
Immoral act (unknown consequences)
Mainly civilian deaths (80%)
Revenge isn't the answer
Only country ever to resort to nukes
Japan already 'defeated'
Naval blockade
Fire Bombings (no long-term)
Soviet Union declared war on Japan
Demonstration would be sufficient
They were warned, but not where
Lead to Cold War
Learning Targets
Explain the 'bad blood' between the US and Japan
Understand reasons for dropping of the Atomic Bombs
Understand the impacts of dropping the bombs
Determine if dropping the bombs was the right thing to do (your own opinion)
History with Japan
Japan signed treaty with USSR
Began expanding W/S
Planned to continue expanding into Pacific
Pearl Harbor was only hiccup
U.S. demanded they withdraw
Placed embargo against Japan
“A dagger pointed at Japan’s throat…must be destroyed”
Didn't think US would be willing to go to war since they hadn't joined yet
Give an argument either for dropping the atomic bombs or for not dropping the atomic bombs. In this argument, you must DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN your top three reasons why you feel the way you do. This means stating why your reasons are important .
Pearl Harbor
Short Term: Hair loss, damage to mucous membranes, internal bleeding and bleeding from gums, burns
Long Term: Leukemia, cancer, black rain, cataracts, birth defects, keloids
December 7, 1941
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
2,335 servicemen killed
1,178 wounded
188 planes & 18 ships destroyed
“I’m afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant”
- General Tojo Hideki
Germany started war by invading Poland
US gets involved after Pearl Harbor
USSR closes in on Berlin and Hitler gives up
Japan not giving up yet

Was it right for pro father to 'murder' the con father?
Did he deserve it?
Whose fault was this issue?
To begin...
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