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Irregular Verbs

No description

Amanda Scoville

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of Irregular Verbs

* Most past-tense verbs end in
Irregular verbs do not!
eg. I
a cake yesterday.

* You have to remember the different spellings of irregular past-tense verbs

For example: My brother
my clothes: My brother
my shirt yesterday.

too much money. I
too much last night.
What makes them irregular?
Page 136
Circle the past-tense verb in each sentence below.
Your turn!
Irregular or regular?
With your partner decide if the verb is irregular or regular and wait to be called on.

* I slipped on a banana peal and fell in front of everyone.

* I sang a song to my baby brother.

* I was a lady bug for Halloween last year

* I missed the bus this morning because I woke up late

I went to the store last night with my mom.
Grammar practice
Irregular Verbs
1. Last month I[ chose choosed] to save instead of spend.

2. Yesterday, I [finded found] a stereo like that.

3. I [made maked] the decision to buy a stereo.

4. Next, I [bought buyed] a five-year warranty

Complete 7-10 on your own.
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