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Whitcomb L. Judson

The inventor who invented the zipper!

Sophia Johnson

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Whitcomb L. Judson

The man who invented the zipper was named
Whitcomb L. Judson. He was born in March in 1844,in Chicago Illinois. Whitcomb L. Judson Life When he was old enough he became a traveling salesman.Whitcomb attended knox college. He married a woman named Annie M. The "Clasp Locker" "Clasp Locker" was the name of his very first zipper, made in the 1800, the exact date is unkown.
Then he tried to sell his invention with a man named Walker. They hired Gideon Sunbach, who was sweetish to improve their invention since it didnt sell. He improved it to the modern zipper. We can remember him because he made a faster easier and more secure way to open things. Fast Facts The "clasp Locker" took about 40 years to perfect. It was first used for shoes. They were first used by B.F. Goodrich company
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