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Muncie Urban Gardening Initiative

Muncie and Delware County has come full circle connecting it's history of growing food to a new network called UGI

Jason Donati

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Muncie Urban Gardening Initiative

Currently we have 11 gardens, an estimated 1.75 acres, as a part of our UGI network including:
North Street Urban Garden
Maring Hunt Community Gardens
Urban Light Community Garden
Riverside UMC Community Garden
The HUB Community Garden Downtown
Motivate Our Minds Childrens Garden
Roy C. Buley Center Childrens Garden
Youth Opportunity Center Youth Garden
Inside Out Community Garden
E 16th St. Church of God Community Garden
Kidz Korner Children's Garden
UGI is a local Urban Gardening Initiative in Muncie and Delaware County, networking resources and community to encourage more local urban food production.
UGI has many resources available including books, tools, straw, compost, seeds, plants and experienced gardeners to help to teach people how to grow their own food!
We need your help!
Need someone to adopt the Buley Center Childrens Garden
Need help with volunteer workdays throughout the growing season
We seek donations of tools, supplies, plants, vacant land etc...(A GREENHOUSE!!!!!!)
We need members to help research, organize and put together suggested ordinance amendments that promote Urban Agriculture, such as:
Urban Chickens and other livestock
Large Scale Urban Farming
Commercial Urban Farming
Greenhouses in the city
Large Scale Composting
Did you know that Muncie and Delaware County has an impressive and fascinating past of surviving by means of community gardening?
"Muncie and Delaware County held first place in the Nation in the demonstration in most effective fashion of the practical side of the food substitution and conservation program. In 1918, for example, 7,050 war gardens were planted in the county. School gardens in 1918 numbered 18, each containing one-sixtieth of an acre, or twenty-one acres in all. Vacant lot and other gardens numbered 5,790, comprising 684 acres. A total of 705 acres were cultivated by loyal gardeners, old and young. Boys and girls to the number of 1,948 enrolled for the movement."
Contact Info
Jason Donati
Board Member
Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful
Learn more at www.beautifulmuncie.org
Future of Urban Gardening?

Food Security
Food Sovereignty
Local Food
Organic Food
Slow Food
Health and well being
Local Food Movement
Urban Potential
Educational workshops like building mini greenhouses/cold frames using recycled materials from wood pallets, old windows, etc.

When a garden is in quick need, we all pull our resources together and do a collaborative workday to accomplish a lot in a short period of time!
According to the Kids Count Indiana Data Book released every year by the Indiana Youth Institute:
23% of Hoosier Children and youth are "Food Insecure"
Indiana Child poverty rate has increased to 23%
Find us on facebook and twitter
Twitter: @beautifulmuncie
Imagine a community garden in every MAP neighborhood!
Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful
Gateway Cleanups
Downtown Cleanups
Neighborhood Cleanups
Traffic Medians
Tree Plantings
Beautification Blitzes
Special Events
White River Cleanups
Oscars Awards
Join the conversation at the
"Sustainable Muncie" Facebook Group Page
What about Rain Gardens?
Teaching youth how to grow food!
Harvest Dance, Country Club, Oct. 7th, 1914
Greenhouse on the roof of Muncie High School, April 16th, 1916
Potential Location of New Community Garden?
Place to enjoy shade & relaxation
Potential location of garden
Parking and Pull off area near garden/park
Examples of Raised Bed Gardening
National War Garden Commission
Any Interest? Next Steps?
Is there residents interested in being a part of a multi-generational community garden?
What other groups or partners near by may be good to ask about collaboration with?
Should we pursue access to the land, and resources to get this started?
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