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No description

Krista Antonis

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of iPad

Creating Evaluating Understanding Remembering Applying Analyzing Cogs of Cognition Unprepared teachers – To ensure that tablet computers are used effectively, teachers need some serious PD, says Daccord.

Focusing only on content apps – Some teachers think iPads are useless if apps in their subject area aren’t available.

Treating iPads like computers or laptops – “iPads are devices meant to complement computers, not replace them,” says Daccord. iPads simply don’t have equivalent functionality. They are best for helping students (especially young students) kinesthetically connect with their work by zooming, rotating, pinching, or swiping. iPads can also be used to take pictures, record audio, and shoot video.

Having multiple students use an iPad at the same time – “Carts that rotate through several classrooms force teachers to take time away from learning, create a nightmare of student accounts, and often focus attention on workflow systems rather than learning,” says Daccord.

Not explaining why we bought all those iPads – “Letting the purchase speak for itself isn’t enough,” says Daccord. “Districts need to explain why they’ve invested in these devices.” Five Ways to Waste the Potential of Classroom iPads: “5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (and How to Correct Them)” by Tom Daccord in Edudemic, Sept. 27, 2012 "iPads in Schools:
Authentic Learning
Mike Fisher – ASCD, 2011 SES - Student iPad Use How one teacher uses the iPad. Progress Monitoring - Immediate Results Uses for Administration Another use... DOK Level Title of Level
1 Recall and Reproduction
2 Skills and Concepts
3 Short-term Strategic Thinking
4 Extended Thinking Webb's Depth of Knowledge The DOK level should reflect the complexity of the cognitive processes demanded by the task outlined by the objective, rather than its difficulty. Ultimately the DOK level describes the kind of thinking required by a task, not whether or not the task is “difficult”. T-Chart Prezi Evernote Voice Thread Apps students use... Quick Voice Explain A Website Face Time
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