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Civic and econ first presentation "Strauss"


Austin Groesser

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Civic and econ first presentation "Strauss"

by President Eisenhower Lewis L Strauss' Cabinet Appointment as Secretary of Commerce Senate Eisenhower
VS Actions taken by each branch... The executive branch tried to appoint him into secretary of commerce, that's about it. Who? what? where? when? why? -The people involved where Lewis L Strauss, President Eisenhower, and the Senate (mainly Clinton Presba Anderson.
-Eisenhower wanted to appoint Lewis L Strauss as Secretary of commerce; However, the Senate didn't want him because of the Oppenheimer affair. Also Lewis L Strauss clashed many times with the mostly democratic Senate all kinds of issues.
-Domestic issue
-The entire issue started in November of 1958 until June 19th, 1959.
-The only reason all this happened is because the senate didn't want to deal with him again like they had to in the past. How it was resolved... Even though Strauss made it into the Secretary of Commerce, he was booted out in the next election that very next year. The Legislature overall won in the deal because they got what they wanted, no Strauss in the cabinet. The Legislative branch did much more. Starting with denying the president of his appointment. However after many debates and committee hearings throughout 16 days, Strauss was approved and appointed by the committee 9-8 vote. When the next election came up they had more evidence and issues with Strauss so they where able to boot him out 46-49 vote. Lewis L Strauss Clinton
Anderson Dwight D.
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