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Enterprise Day!!!!!!

How well enterprise day went!

Aiswarya Nadesan

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Enterprise Day!!!!!!

ENTERPRISE DAY!!! Enterprise day was an opportunity for young people to experience the lives of business workers and get to understand the most mysterious secrets of the trade.
Students had to make and design their products by themselves
by working in groups and helping each other. What did we learn? We learned to compromise with each other and work together
in harmony. Working this way not only helped us produce produts
that we can be proud of but also understand each other better. Things that we learned: Enterprise Day was a great opportunity for us year 8s
as we learned so much that the talents hidden deep within us
started to shine through during each minutes of that special
- Design our own merchandises (we all contributed and the
design team drew sketches of how the final products would look like)

- Make original products ( Most of us were involved in the actual making of the products or bringing in food/materials)

- Advertise our company ( The advertising and making team were involved in making posters and baners. Others would go around the school during breaks and give off business cards or vocally avertising the business)

- Managing financial situations ( The finance team calculated the cost of the materials we needed and instruct who would buy each things)

- Business is NOT boring ( business is not boring at all as we learned to have fun and learn new things while producing great things!)

What is Enterprise day? We also had to manage our money and
decide which students would be most
efficient in which departments!
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