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Vanilla Coke

ADV 450

William Scrantom

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Vanilla Coke

Super Smash Bros. Brent Harkins Phillip Jones Lindsay Morgan Lucy Ross Gamble Scrantom Lauren Taber Problem pulled from shelves 3 years after release appeal of vanilla
"the world's oldest favorite flavor" target 18 to 24 year olds college students broad economic background objective increase awareness and sales general positive attitude of Vanilla Coke & considerations Coca-Cola possesses strong brand presence
must appeal to younger generation of users
Coca-Cola has a strong connection to American culture
must be differentiated, yet remain "Coca-Cola" advertising considerations marketing based on brand image
"slice-of-life" focused
adaptation based on altered social trends
1980s survey: "Symbol of America" POSITIONING flavors cola
green tea
lemon lemon lime
blák strategies 1. ego 2. routine 3. sensory/social "I just NEED a Vanilla Coke"
drink of choice alternative to traditional
sensory = vanilla taste
social = young, fun soda research one-on-one interviews 1. ego 2. routine 3. sensory/social too strong of a statement too specialized a product to drink ALL DAY speaks to this generation
offers a unique taste for said generation to "claim" analysis which concept? advertising guerilla social media integrated street corner diner
vanilla stickers "gorilla" advertising "everything's better with vanilla/or not"
(viral campaign)
label redesign CONCLUSION "everything is better with Vanilla" product user connection between brand and demographic Totonacs "black flower" Madagascar: 97% of vanilla bean production "pure, spicy, delicate"
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