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Using Technology Effectively

Kelly Durbin Scott McLaughlin Jordan Morrow Adam Roth Comm 413, Spring 2010

Jordan Morrow

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Using Technology Effectively

Double click anywhere & add an idea objectives
To create awareness that everything on the internet is public
To clarify what is appropriate and not appropriate for a professional image
To show you how to effectively use technology to enhance your professional image through social networking, verbal communication and nonverbal communication Social network
A website for people to
connect with others to share
personal and professional
Definitions verbal communication
Communication through voicemail, ringback tones and calling nonverbal communication
communication through texting and emailing 10 privacy settings every facebook user should know 1. use your friend list efficiently 2. remove yourself from facebook search results 3. remove yourself from google 4. be aware of tagged photos 5. protect your albums 6. be aware of what you show on news feeds 7. be aware of automatic publishing applications 8. keep contact information private 9. avoid embarrassing posts 10. keep your friendships private activity 2
objective: distinguish between what should and should not be published on social networks activity 3
objective: examine the effectiveness of different commucation styles in contrasting scenarios A Positive for you: Video Resumes skit:
the night before casnt coenf 2 woek 2morie. thjmk thje dogh iz sik. texting rules
do not text them if they don't text you.
only text after business hours if there is a really good reason.
watch your tone.
do not text if you can call or have a face to face conversation. email rules
do not omit the subject line.
make sure to check your spelling and grammar.
get to the point!
be conscious of your email address. phone rules
do not call after the hours of a telemarketer (9 pm).
active listening skills.
do not have a ringback tone.
use your work phone for business calls, not a personal line. recap
what did you learn about...
social networking?
verbal communication?
nonverbal communication? Verbal and nonverbal communication remember:
if you wouldn't do it at work... don't do it online! voicemail rules
write it down.
identify yourself.
update your greeting to reflect your schedule.
check it frequently. CALL ME BACK!!!
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