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Inquiry of Context

No description

Chelsey Stucin

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Inquiry of Context

Outside influences Data Reasons Claims Classroom management and organization I really like the way my classroom is set up and ran. The teacher has a set routine and my students really seem to learn from it. They know what is expected from them and I think this effects the way they work and learn. I wanted to explore the physical classroom along with the routine of the teacher and students. I think has a lot to do with the students and their needs. Events in the classroom The students participate in several different events throughout a regular school day. Although they experience different things, inside and outside of the classroom, they do whole group lessons and discussions a lot. Although it seemed to be effective, I wanted to see how the students felt about the different settings and what they enjoy. If the students like the setting and want to continue with it, they will be more willing to work. Also, through this research, I can conclude which event setting works best for the students. Observation Conduct interview with my mentor teacher Talk to my students Observing my classroom will give me a lot of insight to what is happening. I can step back and take a look and the students' learning and progress. This will allow me to see the overall view of my classroom and the learning that takes place. Through observation, I can take my claims or assumptions and look for them. Also, observing students will allow me to see if specific events or things really make a difference. I will get insight from the students in my classroom through conducting student interviews and talking with my students. I will ask them what they like and how they like to learn. After analyzing what students think and feel, I will be able to determine the effectiveness of certain events and activities that take place in the classroom I can learn a lot through interview my teacher. I can learn about the events and periods that take place inside and outside of my classroom. I can talk to my teacher about why she does certain things and how different styles and arrangements help her teaching and student learning. My teacher can help me find data by discussing the people involved with my students and how these actors effect them and their learning. Student's family support effects their learning in the classroom. My PDS is located in a very low SES. Because of this, many students have poor home lives and/or very busy,working parents. Many of the students in my class who have supporting families that help them with their education are higher level students. Students who do not have the best home lives are not only effected by their lack of resources. Some of these students have things to worry about and distract them from school work and learning. Students learn more and are excited to engage in activities with different teachers and teaching styles. The set up and objects in the classroom effect how the students interact with each other and learn. Students are more organized and they complete work in a timely manner because they have a schedule. Through student discussions and my teacher interview, I found that students are prepared for their assignments and they are aware of what is expected of them. They seem to like having a schedule and almost all of the students turn their work in on time. They have a set routine for each day and the students are expecting what they are about to do after each activity. Although they have a routine and are comfortable with it, there are time when they are surprised or thrown off by an event. Through observation, it was obvious that this caused stress in disorder with the students. My teacher moved the desks around several time throughout the semester. Each time they were arranged strategically. Through my data, I found that she arranged students based on their prior social interacts in the classroom and during learning along with the level they were currently learning at. Some students were paired by others to help them out when pairing up or doing group activities. After having conversations with the students, I realized that many of them like to go to the different events that take place. The students like to be with different teachers and learn from them. All of the students explained that the liked being in their classroom with their teacher but it was exciting to go to other teachers to do other activities. People and Influences Many other teachers and people play a role in the students' learning. I want to find out how the teachers and the students feel and learn from experiencing these different teachers and styles. Physical layout/ Places in the classroom Objects in the classroom The events in the classroom The actors/people in the classroom The periods/specific times during the day Teacher, me (participant), speech therapist (2), title 1 teacher, music teacher, physical education teacher, guidance counselor, recess /lunch teachers, other first grade teacher Reflection 8:30-9:00 Morning work
9:00-9:30 RTI Groups or Stations
Bathroom Break
9:30-11:00 RLA block
11:00-12:00 Lunch & Recess
Second Bathroom Break
12:00-12:30 Daily Discussion/Calender/Attendance
12:30-1:15 Math
1:15-2:00 Specials (Art, P.E., Music, Media)
2:00-2:45- SPL Centers/Science/Social Studies
__Stations__Small group__Whole group__Partner__
__A lot of discussion__Some worksheets__ Desks are arranged in the center of the room with the teacher's desk in the back/little technology- five computers and one projector/library and carpet area Desks are rearranged frequently, the have a small space but it is utilized well. Chelsey Stucin Inquiry of Context December 7, 2012 Some students participate in after school programs and some do not. Many students in my class attend Boys and Girls Club that is held at our school after class is over. These students receive extra help and assistance with their homework and learning. Through my inquiry, I realized and learned a lot about my classroom and the teaching style. Also, I got an idea of what the students liked and wanted to do. At first I though my teacher taught a lot of whole group lessons and that she should try to group students more or do things like stations. After talking to the students and the teacher, along with observations, I realized that the students like whole group activities because they like to work together and learn from each other. My teacher likes to teach in this style because she likes for her students to discuss what they are thinking and share ideas. The students have a set schedule as well. They do different things each day and learn information in different ways but the students know what is expected from them and what they are about to participate in next. When students had substitute teachers, I could tell that the did not like the confusion and were thrown off schedule. They were consistently asking questions and wondering what they were going to do and why they were doing it next. The students seem to learn well in whole group settings and the teacher has utilized her space and objects so she can access all of the students and help whoever needs help. I have learned a lot to benefit me in my future. I really think moving around desks and switching up the student's arrangement is important. Students are able to learn from each other and help each other if they need it. Also, I will have a similar teaching style and use the same strategies that I have observed my teacher using. Her students know what they are expected to do and this is a huge impact on the class. I could tell a huge difference when I was in the lunch room. All the first and second grade classes eat together and my class was the best behaved every day. This showed me that my teacher's strategies worked and carried outside of the classroom.
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