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Income Gap in Latin America

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Nicholas Haddad

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Income Gap in Latin America

by: Nicholas Haddad Income Gap in Latin America What are the roots of the income gap? What are possible solutions to this problem? There are many different roots to this issue, the main reasons being Corrupt politicians, Lack of educational opportunities for the poor, poverty disallowing any real progression, etc. The main one of these reasons being a corrupt government. Without the help of the government nothing can be done without their support. It is thought that the richer of the area bribe politicians to disallow any progression in the gap. How does the income gap hinder the participation of the poor in the national economies? It hinders them by cutting them off from the rest of the world. They are unable to participate in national economy, not having enough money of their own. Not only are they just too financially unfit, but many are also in bad health, unable to afford medical needs making them unfit to participate due to that. People suffer in this country money wise, making only $4 - $10 a day. This makes it very hard to participate in any form of economy, they don't have the money to even fit within the barrier of economy.
The way that this can be solved is not exactly simple, it would take some serious work. The government should give equal opportunity in education and salary. The corrupt politicians and their bribers must be weeded out to ensure this doesn't continue. The Government should also promote free market and also redistribute the land to and ensure everyone is housed properly. There is a lot that could be done, but it isn't exactly simple. Cited Sources Search Engine - Google
Yahoo Answers


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