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My Life Story

No description

Anthony Damiani

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of My Life Story

MY LIFE STORY I Was Born! June 16, 1997
Today I was born! They called me Anthony and were delighted to have me as their son. I moved into the “playroom” of my house. I had an older sister which is four years older. To her I was 'it', anh boy did she hate 'it'.
My First Birth Day
June 16, 1998
My first birthday and the first time I experienced the joy, excitement of a party. I became 1 instead of 11 months. My sister was jealous because it was MY birthday. I loved the joy of a party but everyone was crowding me and I got angry and well, kinda ruined the experience.

I started swimming (which I hated getting wet) which I have been doing for eleven years! This day I: Hit the teachers, splashed like crazy and had huge fits! I sure taught those teachers!
Swimming 1999
This was the year I started to talk, my first piece for English… No!
Yes my first word was no, no this no that! At least I could communicate
my feelings with my family, and that is why my parents were ecstatic!
My First Word! June 2002,
My first day at school! Well I made my first friend at this educational place and we talked, talked and well talked. (We once talked through a whole lesson because we forgot recess was over!) This made school bearable and worthwhile. I was good at maths and finished my friend’s maths work because he would take so long to finish it that we wouldn’t have time to play at lunch. Those teachers were evil, split me up of my best friend! ( Well actually he went up to the next grade but the teacher seemed very suspocious asking me lots of questions about how I was going) My first day at School May 2004,
The most ecstatic day of my life! I was going to America & Disneyland! We were going to New York, Florida, Las Vegas, Las Angeles and San Francisco. We got on 13 hour plan hoping that the jet lag wouldn’t be bad. (We were wrong) After visiting the city that never sleeps and the Empire State building we went to 3 humongous parks full of rides called Disneyland.

We went to Las Vegas which was clouded with casinos and our hotel was shaped as a pyramid!(Which had a casino) It was so awesome, but of course you had to be over 18 to gamble so I wasn’t allowed into the casinos which was a bummer since they were the most seen thing around Las Vegas. I turned 8 on this trip was cool and we say the huge Grand Canyon.

For the last section of the trip around the U.S we went to San Francisco. This was a very hilly place where if you go anywhere you would have to walk up a hill which made the trams very handy (they had heaps of them) Lastly, Las Angeles. This was pretty troubling as we stayed in a Pink Hotel. Then we realised we were in a Homosexual area! I picked up a Gay card which was on all the ATMs and before I could read it got smacked out of my hands.
Going to America! May 2006,
This was horrible plus terrible and a little horrific! A 3 hour flight with two vomiting cousins behind me, my dad vomiting right next to me and well, everybody about to vomit! We finally got there after what seemed like forever and it reeked! We moved quickly to our hotel and then to the markets which was a never ending line of cheap designer brands or games/ electronics that don’t work! Then the bomb hit us, the woman wanting to go handbag shopping, we sat there for hours listening to haggling between the mums and the Indian shop owners. It was hell! The highlights were some of the landmarks like the longest chairlift.
Going to Hong Kong

June 2007,
This day I was double digits, 10! Because of this new opportunities opened up and made me feel like I was more man like. I will always remember the party before school with everyone wishing me a happy birthday.
I'm 10 December 3 2007,
Today while students were at their last day at school listening to there unbearable speeches waiting for the bell so they could go home for 8 weeks I was on a plane heading for Fiji! Each day felt like a week, you feel like swimming? Hop in the pool or go to the beach which is about 5m away! A whole Island resort to roam around freely! It was the most relaxing time of my life.
January 2009,
For the last exciting adventure for my life was the Disneyland of Australia, the Gold Coast! There were 4 memorable parks with water, scary and thrilling rides. Each ride had a unique fear factor or thrill to it, but what I liked the most was the wave pools! It was so fun but all fun things come to an end. Some rides made me throw up, others have a massive thrill, but getting to the parks from the hotel was so lame and long.
Queensland THANK YOU
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