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Rich Nation Poor Nation: Barbados

No description

de'zha boynton

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Rich Nation Poor Nation: Barbados

De'zha Boynton
period: 1
May 2, 2014

Rich Nation Poor Nation : Barbados
Some countries are able to stay wealthy because they have low populations and high resources, which allows them to have more money due to trade of resources and the less of a population
work cited
google images
Low Population
with the population of 289,680 each person has more money for themselves and more to live off.
but they also have less jobs becuase there is less people to fill jobs.
High Resources

High natural resources are a contributor to a rich country. High natural resources are the best because you have more trade going in and out of the country.
Medium Infant Mortality Rate
Barbados has high natural resources, a high literacy rate of 99.7%, and urban population is 44% of the total population.
Barbados is in between rich and poor (GNP/per capita is 25,100) and therefore should have a low population, high resources, and a medium infant mortality rate.
a medium infant mortality is a number one contributor because the less babies women have the less jobs there will be.
infant mortality rate: 10.93 per 1,000.
Barbados held up to my hypothesis. Barbados is in the middle of rich and poor. It has high resources and a medium infant mortality rate and a low population.
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