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Big Red

No description

Corey Derk

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Big Red

Corey Derk
& Alec Scarano
The Effects of Big Red Cinnamon-Flavored Gum on the Viable Count of Mouth Bacteria
Experimental Question
Does the cinnamon oil in cinnamon-flavored gum have an effect on microbial growth?
Introduction and Background
Experimental Design
Cinnamon comes from the dark of the Cinnamon tree
Literature shows that cinnamon reduces the number of microbes that are present in the mouth.
Cinnamaldlehyde is a key component
It is the organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor
Agar Diffusion
Most widespread technique of antimicrobial activity assessment.
Recognized as precise and reliable
Estimates the degree of microorganisms growth inhibition
Dilution Method
Before and After chewing Big Red Gum
Standard Dilution scheme
Viable Count: number of live cells only.

We hypothesize that the cinnamon oils in the cinnamon-flavored gum will have a significant impact in reducing the number of microbes present in the mouth
Sterile Mouth Swabs
Agar Mediums
Big Red Gum
Winterfresh Gum
Bacterial Broth

1.7 cm
The essential oil is Big Red is effective in killing bacteria
Big Red or Nah
Big Red was effecting in "cleaning" in the mouth of bacteria
The area around the gum where the bacteria has not grown enough to be visible is called the zone of inhibition
The size of the zone is based off of effectiveness in stoping the growth of bacterium
The bigger the zone the more effective it is
We found that the cinnamon oils in the cinnamon flavored gum did reduce the number of microbes present in the mouth
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