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My ideal High School

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teresa the

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of My ideal High School

Some of the facilities that are included in my ideal high school are a:

- swimming pool
- an ice rink
- sport oval
- basketball/netball
- eating areas
- extra curricular
- subject classrooms
- dance studio
- church
- dining hall
Here is a basic floor plan of my ideal high school.
School Facilities
Rules of the school

The same as every normal high school there must be some rules for students to follow. The rules that I want followed at my ideal high school are:

- students must wear appropriate clothing to, from and during school hours.
- all students must attend classes on time
- students must finish all their work on time
- all students that eat in the dining room for lunch and recess must clean up after themselves
- students if using school property must not damage them.

School Uniform
At my ideal high school students are allowed to wear anything they want for school. The reason for this is so that students will be able to express their personality through what they wear. For example if a students is very creative and likes designing and making new looks they would probably come to school with clothes and lots of accessories to accompany it. Another reason why I chose my school not to wear school uniforms is so that parents
who can't afford to
spend lots of
money can have
their child/ren
wear whatever they
have got in their
Some of the compulsery subjects that are learnt at my ideal high school are:
- religion
- technology
- foodTECH
- art
- photography
- dancing
- ice-skating

Some of the non-compulsery subjects that are learnt at my ideal high school are:
- maths
- english
- science
- sport
- music
School subjects
By Teresa Truong
My ideal High School

Support networks
Some of the support networks used at my ideal high school are programs used to help educate students in a more supporting way. An example of this is a special teacher coming to school and helping students who have difficulty keeping up or understanding what the teacher is asking the class to do.

This helps the student/s to participate in more activities and get along with other students.
- sketch up
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