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Caught in the Act!

Overview of Caught in the Act Program

Sarah Woodbury

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Caught in the Act!

Let's See it in
"On the Spot"
Recognition Program

Why do it?
Boost employee morale
Passionate, Integrity, Self Motivated/Determined, Team Player, Professional
Caught In The Act!
What does it look like to go above & beyond?
Who will the program
Increase productivity
Increase positive employee commitment & loyalty
Decreased turnover & increased retention
On Mastronardi Produce's Non-Negotiable Traits
What is the process?

1. Employee exhibits non-negotiable trait

2. Manager immediately recognizes the behavior and
its impact; gives voucher to employee and instructs
them to go to HR for $25 gift card

3. Manager emails HR with required details

4. Employee comes to HR to get picture taken and pick
up gift card
Next Steps:
- Share program details with your team
- Vouchers distributed at the beginning of
each month
- Encourage timely feedback
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