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It's a catapult thing

Projectile, Projectile, where for art thou projectile

Sophie Tribiani

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of It's a catapult thing

History Use How the heck it works Trebuchet uses counter weight to hurl projectile around 400-300 BCE made in China started usage in Europe at around 500 CE used to hurl projectiles
at castle walls or defensive walls to break them could also be used to
launch ping-pong balls load capacity: up to 300 pounds
distance range: <300 yards used until time of gunpowder, which is about 1400s counter weight goes down, adding force to opposite side to hurl the projectile over and forward but not used in modern times How the heck it works Use History How it impacted us uses torsion to add pressure to bottom of spoon to bring distruction
to towers and battlements around 400-300 BCE
made in Greece to hurl diseased
to infect the defenders load capacity: 50-60 pounds
distance range: <100 yard used in medival warfare Without the catapult and advances in technology like it, humankind would have never took that step forward, we'd be using battering rams up to World War II. It helped us not only to break down walls, but also to use elastics and projectiles, physics in general, to work for us and help technology advance. Though we don't use the catapult today, we still benefit from it, by taking a step forward towards the future, we can smile at the past. It's a catapult thing Throughout researching for this
project, we've stumbled upon some
very fun inventions of the past,
here are three prominent ones that
we found. Slingshot How the heck it works History Use uses elastic to pull back
projectile and allow elastic
to propell if forward a popular child's toy in the 20th century used to hurl projectiles
ex. arrows, rocks, etc.
sometimes used for hunting fishing, etc.
Slingshot Paintball!!
used in militaries as last resort invented by Rodney Wolf in the late 1900s Catapult
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