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Round the World Project

No description

Daniel Bennett

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Round the World Project

Flight from Beijing National Airport to Tokyo National Airport (Haneda) between 16:40 to 21:10 - £276
Round the World
By Daniel Bennett
Languages - Hello, goodbye, thank you
The Victorian British Empire controlled 25% of the world.
51.5072° N, 0.1275° W and 54 million
The National Gallery, London
The Houses of Parliament & Big Ben - Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin
Languages at the time of jesus - Armaic
A majority are of Christian belief
Benjamin Britten (
) -
War Requim
David Beckham - scored 97 goals in his career and another 17 for England
London, England
Paris, France
Languages - Ciao, arrivederci, grazie
The Pope lives in Vatican City where he runs the Church.
41.9000° N, 12.5000° E and 61 million
The Vatican & St. peter's Basilica/Collosseum - Vespasian and Titus
Language at the time of Jesus - Latin
Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
Paolo Maldini - Captained the Italian football team for the most years (8 years)

Rome, Italy
Languages - Zdravstvuyte, Do svidaniya, spasibo
Communist Party emerges as largest party in parliamentry elections
55.7500° N, 37.6167° E and 1.4 billion
Tretyakor Gallery
Saint Basil's Cathedral -Postnik Yakovler and Ivan Barma
Language at the time of Jesus - Slavic
15-20% Russian, 10-15% Muslim
Igor Stavinsky - Ballets Russes : Petrushka
Maria Sharapova - World women tennis No. 4
Moscow, Russia
What I did in England
Took a train from Windsor & Eton Central Station to Victoria London - £12.90 (1h 10 mins)(
Walked (14 mins) through St James' Park and then past Buckingham Palace
Walked (18 mins) to The National Gallery - Free
Walked Big Ben and Houses of Parliament via view of Downing Street
Walked (25 mins) to Victoria Coach Station
Took the bus to Paris (National Express), CDG Airport, using ferry between 21:30 to 6:45 (the next day).- £23
Where I went
Languages - Bonjour, au revoir, merci
Area where most of World War I occurred on the border between Germany.
48.8567° N, 2.3508° E and 66 million
Claude Monet
The Eiffel Towel - Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Language at the time of Jesus - Armaic
83%-88% Roman Catholic
George Bizet - Carmen - Habanera
Thierry Henry - Arsenal's all time record goalscorer
Beijing, China
Languages - Ni hao, zaijian, xiexie
China is one of the world's oldest civilisations
39.9167° N, 116.3833° E and 1.4 billion
Qi Bishi
Forbidden City - Nguyen An and Cai Xin
Language at the time of Jesus - Chinese
52% unaffilated, 18.2% Buddist
Tan Dun - Paper Concerto for Paper Intruments
Lin Dan - Badiminton two time Olympic champion, 5 time world champion
London, England
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Moscow, Russia
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Auckland, New Zealand
Montreal, Canada
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rabat, Morroco
Tokyo, Japan
Languages - Kon'nichiwa, sayōnara, arigatō
In 1894, Japan goes to war with China. Wins after 9 months.
35.6833° N, 139.6833° E and 127 million
Tokyo Tower - Tachū Naitō
Language at the time of Jesus - Old Japanese
Shintoism 83.9%, Buddhism 71.4% (exceeds 100% due to people being both religions)
Tōru Takemitsu - In an Autumn Garden
Kōhei Uchimura - 16-time World gymnast medalist
Overnight flight
from Tokyo Narita International Airport to Auckland International Airport from 18:30 to 08:20 (next day)
Auckland, New Zealand
Languages - Hello, goodbye, thank you
The country was discovered on 13th December 1642
36.8406° S, 174.7400° E and 4.6 million
Len Lye
Beehive - Basil Spence
Language at the time of Jesus - N/A
44% Christian, 35% no religion
Jack Body - Theme tune to
Close to Home
Richie McCaw - Current captain of the All Blacks
Overnight flight
- Auckland International Airport to Vancouver International Airport from 20:05 to 14:15
2h 45m layover
Vancouver International Airport to Montreal Pierre E.Trudeau International Airport from 17:00 to 00:49
Auckland to Montreal
Montreal, Canada
Languages - Hello, goodbye, thank you
1939-Canada grants British dominions complete autonomy.
45.5017° N, 73.5673° W and 35. million
Tom Thomson
CN Tower - John Andrews
Language at the time of Jesus - N/A
40.5% Catholic, 20% Protestant
Oscar Petersons - Hymn to Freedom
Donovan Bailey - Once held the world record for 100m (1996).
Rio Janeiro
Montreal to Rio de Janeiro - £642
Flight from Montreal Pierre E.Trudeau International to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson - 2h 44m
Layover in Atlanta - 1h 12m
Overnight flight
to Rio de Janeiro - 9h 38m
Rio de Janeiro to Rabat - £1,266
Overnight flight
to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport between 16:10 to 08:00
Layover in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport for 3h 20m
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Rabat Sale Airport between 11:20 to 12:10
Languages - Olá, adeus, obrigado
1500-Portuguese land in the area and claim it theirs.
22.9068° S, 43.1729° W and 203 million
Bazil Gallery Galeria de Arte
Cathedral of Brasilia - Oscar Niemeyer
Language at the time of Jesus - Nahuall
64.5% Roman Catholic, 22% Protestants
Hector Ville-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras
Rabat, Morocco
Languages - In Arabic
Immigrant travel through Morocco to Europe.
34.0209° N, 6.8416° W and 34 million
Larbi Checkaoui
Ait Benhaddou Unknown
Language at the time of Jesus - Arabic
99% Muslim
Khaled - C'est la vie
Hicham El Guerroiy - Current world record holder for 1500m, mile, 2000m (outdoor)
Rabat to London - £408
Flight from Rabat Sale Airport to London Stansted Airport between 19:20 to 23:45
Flight from Paris Orly Airport to Rome Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicino Airport from 21:15 to 23:15 - £77
Moscow to Beijing - £129
Overnight flight
from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Beijing International Airport from 21:35 to 09:50
Flight from Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicinco Airport to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport between 12:40 to 17:25 - £207
Tokyo to Auckland - £810
Return Flight
Residence Il Vittoriano - £69
Novotel Moscow City - £45
What I did in Brazil ?
What I did in Russia
Visited St. Basil's Cathedral
What I did in Japan
Shopping - £100
What I did in China
Visited the Forbidden City
Go to the Great Wall of China
Visit Christ the Redeemer
Walk down the beach
What I did in New Zealand
Visit Hobbiton (the hobbit was filmed)
What I did in Canada
Go on a half-day cycle ride - £24
What I did in Morocco
Day on the beach, relaxing
What I did in Rome
Visited the Collosseum - £32
Go to Vatican City
Money Spent
Food = (11 x 20 ) = £220
Travel and Activities = £4755.03
Total = £4975.03
What I did in France
Train journey to the centre of Paris - £6.50
Lift entrance ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower - £9.63
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