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Natural Burial......

What Happens,

Sophie Wooden

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Natural Burial......

NATURAL BURIAL WHAT HAPPENS??? Before you die, you pick a location where you'd like to be buried. When you die, you are buried in an environmentally friendly biodegradable coffin. It could be like these ones... Or it could be made from silk, cotton or wool. Your coffin can be decorated to represent your personality, which can give a great effect. You can do this using flowers. You don't HAVE to use a coffin though, the grave REMAINS FOREVER. When you die, you go to the church or crematorium and the funeral is held there. Then the body/ashes are taken to your place of rest, which is the natural burial site. It's like a normal grave yard, but the surroundings are very natural and scenic. In some of these graveyards, there isn't even a sign to say that it's a graveyard. OUR VIEWS DILEK:
I think that the idea is good and reasonable becuase it's good for the environment but I wouldn't have it done for my burial, I would like to be buried in a coffin. I didn't like the fact that there is a process called natural burying because it's weird and gets me thinking about decomposed bodies. SOPHIE:
I think it's a good idea, because people who like nature and the environment get to express this when they die. I like the way that their last request gets approved in this way. I wouldn't have it done to myself as I'd prefer to be buried in a coffin. I liked the idea of natural burial because you get buried in very scenic locations, unlike normal graveyards, where you can get buried near rubbish tips, train lines, airports and busy roads. You really do rest in peace when you're buried in these peaceful locations. I was put of this idea by the fact that the grsvestone can sometimes be the victim of erosion quite quickly, and I want my family to know the exact locations of where I was buried. I also dislike the fact that there are holes in the woven basket so that worms and insects might be able to get in, but I suppose this is just me being stupid. This is where a natural burial graveyard is located. What are the Advantages? The advantages are that people can end their life in a way that is good for the enviorment and they encourage people to help in the creatiom of woodland. Coffins disturb the soil structure which makes the trees unstable, whereas the special coffins (shown in process section) don't damage. Some are located in already beutiful places, whilst in other places, trees, shrubs and wild flowers are planted to create beautiful place in the future. PREEJA:
I think that the process is a good idea, because it reduces pollution and helps the enviroment in many ways. however I wouldn't get it done for myself because it isn't what i believe in. What I liked about it was that it helps the environment but i didn't like when a plant can be planted on top of you. THARSHANA:
I think that natural burial is a good idea and helps the environment, however, I wouldn't approve of it as I believe in my religion and t's ways if a funeral. I believe that religious people would follow their religion.. SAIMA:
I think that it's a good funeral because people get to die in theway that they want to, ad they're around nature. I would have it myself as its basd on nature and it's good for the environment. What are the disadvantages? The disadvantages are that with planting trees on every grave such as selecting which trees thin as wood matures, and disturbance to the roots when it excavating for burials on adjacemnt plots. The disturbance to the soil structure assosiated with the formation of the grave will make the mature trees unstable. For this reason, the number of plots with trees planted on them has to be limited. What views would HINDUISM have about this method? Hindus would probably not approve of natural burial because hindus believe their bodies should be cremated for their soul to leave peacfully to another life (for their soul to be incarnated). Their ashes have to bescattered in the river Ganges in India. Therefore the soul of the body wouldn't move on if it were a natural burial. A natural burial would be against the hindu beliefs. A simple cremation in London costs roughly 975pounds. A plot with 'Native Woodland' would cost 350 pounds. Burial cost 1415 pounds. A single plot cost 750 pounds, and is additional to the burial cost. Normal burials cost 1850 pounds (inclusing deed of grant for 50 years), so Natural Burial's cheaper. THE END BY... Sophie DILEK SHANA PREEJA SAIMA Also, people get to decide the kind of funeral they have. Some have structured walks, paths, ceremonial buildings and memorials; others keep it as natural as possible and leave no trace. The key consideration is for the sites to be simple, natural places. Flowers and plants are often threaded through the weave of the basket coffins.
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