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A Child, A Dog, The Night (The Short Story)

A short-story version

Abe H

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of A Child, A Dog, The Night (The Short Story)

A Child, A Dog, The Night Juan Labra, a miner in Chile, returned home after a long day of work. It was Mr. Davies, an owner of the mine! As he settled in for the night, he heard a knocking on his door. Retold by: Abe Hidy By: Amalia Rendic "Would you mind taking care of my dog, Black?" "I must leave for a few days," he said. "I can have my son Little Juan look after him." "Of course not!" Juan Labra replied. Little Juan played with Black all day long for several days. As they explored the countryside, they started to like each other. They dreaded the day when Mr. Davies would return. Black was sad to see Mr. Davies go, and he watched sadly as he walked away. Then that dreaded day came. Mr. Davies returned, thanked Juan for his help, and took Black home. Little Juan cried all night for his lost friend. At Mr. Davies' home, Black also cried, howling and howling for hours. Juan Labra wanted his son to be happy, so he set out to ask Mr. Davies to give him the dog. Mr. Davies loved his dog, but he knew that Black would rather live with Little Juan. He called Black and left for the miner's home. The men met in the dark streets. They didn't say a word, only passed off the leash. Juan was overjoyed; he and Black played together every day, without the dread hanging over them. THE END Mr. Davies was sad to lose Black, but he was content because he knew Black was happy.
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