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Weathering rebecca madison

No description

Becca Madison

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Weathering rebecca madison

Weathering rebecca madison
particals of chalk rub off they become smaller and smaller. it can alson happen with rock. abrasion is the grinding and wearing away of rock surface.
acid precipitation- rain, sleet, or snow, that
contains a high concentration of acids.
freezing and thawing or frost
one type of frost action is ice
wind, water, and gravity
wind causes abrasion
water causes abrsion
gravity causes abrsion
plants like trees are superstong they an brake thru rocks
earthwarms burrow thru sand and create errousion. and same with many other animals
if u drop a suger cube in water then it will dissolve in a few minutes.
acid precipitation
such as rain sleet or snow, has a highin natural acid.
aicds in groundwater
in certain places groundwater has week acid,such as carbonic, or sulfuric acid
acids in living things
linchens produce acids that slowly brake down rocks
it cause things to start to rust
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