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Civil War & Soldier's Heart Project

project on civil war and the book soldier's heart

Jackie McCoy

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Civil War & Soldier's Heart Project

Civil War & Soldier's Heart Project By Jackie McCoy To begin, I would like to tell
you about the Civil War... As you probably already know, the Civil War was a pretty BIG DEAL. But, a lot of people think of it only as "the event that freed the slaves", when it was so much more then that. Although slavery was a reason for the war, a lot of
southerners were also fighting to reserve state's rights.
According to the 10th Amendment, it gives the
states the rights to make laws, and some states
felt like they were being denied their rights when they
couldn't decide whether to have slaves or not. "You know what? I'm leaving!
South Carolina- out!" South Carolina was the first state to secede (formally withdraw) from the United States because they felt like they didn't have the correct rights. Later on, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Lousiana, Texas, Virgina, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennesse all followed South Carolina's lead. Together, they formed the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States of America were fighting the United States of America. vs. The war lasted for 4 very long years. And most people thought that
it would last for only a month or two.... There was 750,000 - 1,250,000
Confederate Soldiers And 2,500,000 - 2,750,000
Union Soldiers So the Confederates were outnumbered about 1 to 2.2 There was 618,000 - 700,000 deaths total :( That's more than any other war America has EVER fought! There were over 50 major battles, and over 5,000 minor battles. The first major battle was
The Battle of Bull Run, and the most tragic battle was Gettysburg. Robert E. Lee (Confederate General) surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant (Union General) on April 8th, 1865. Alright, let's move on to the summerization of the book "Soldier's Heart" by Gary Paulsen. Chapter 1: In this chapter Charley firsts hears about the war. He is young and very naive about what war is really like. In fact, he is excited to go and fight. He shows kindness and responsibilty by saying he'll send most of his $11 a month home to his family. But most of all, we can clearly see that Charley wants to step up and be a man. Chapter 2:
Charley goes to Fort Snelling in this chapter, where he lies about his age and recrutes for the Union army. This chapter also discusses the weapons used in the army, the uniforms (which weren't much), and the activities that took place. The activities mostly included drills, which Charley found boring. In fact, he even considers going home (which his mother wants). But at the end of the chapter, their regement recieves word to go and fight in the Battle of Bull Run. Chapter 3: During this chapter, Charley experiences a lot of "firsts". It was his first time being out of his home town, his first time riding on a train, and his first time seeing colored people. He was struck dumbfounded when a slave in the south was kind to him. He thought that since she was from the south that she would hate him, but in reality she was very grateful that he was fighting for her freedom. Charley was also proud of his home for keepng it in good shape, when most of the towns they passed in the south were not in good shape. There was a huge difference between the north and the south, even before the official war had started. vs. So the won the Civil War! Chapter 4: Charley experiances another "first" in this chapter as well--- his first battle. The horror and tradgedy of war begins to become a reality to him during this chapter as he sees his friends and fellow soldier's being killed. Chapter 5: This chapter is what happens after the battle. Numerous friends and fellow soldiers had died, and Charley found himself speechless and scared. The officers tried to encourage the troops by telling them they did well, etc... Though everybody knew they could have done much better. That night, Charley sees people looking for dead friends. In the morning, bodies were in the creek that turned the water pink. When the Union was finally ready to go and fight again, they found that the south had left unexpectedly. That was the end of the first battle of the Civil War. Chapter 7: By this time in the book, the soldiers had been in their camp for 3 months. They were sick physically and in their spirits. The men from Minnesota knew how to survive in the country, but other men didn't and many died from disease. Charley had learned that he didn't like to get to know people, because they all died so fast... in the blink of an eye they were gone forever. One night, Charley traded coffee for tobacco with a confederate troop. They were near the same age and both farmers, yet they were fighting to kill each other. Chapter 8: When this chapter happens, Charley feels alone. even with the thousands physically around him, all he feels is uttery alone. He had learned to do his orders without question, much like a robot. But once, he thought of mutiny, because they made him kill and butcher the Confederate horses to feed to the wounded soldiers. There was also another battle in this chapter. After the battle, Charley was told he was hit, but it turned out just to be another man's blood on his coat. While he was at the "hospital", he was told to stack up dead bodies to shield those inside from the wind. Chapter 6: This chapter (as the rest of the book) is very sad for me. Charley recieved his pay, bought himself some food, and sent most of the rest home to his family. He was sure he was going to die in the next battle. When the time came, another young soldier who had not fought the first battle reminded Charley of himself. Neive, excited... clueless. During the battle, Charley seemed to rage out of control, shooting and stabbing with no conscience. Nelson (the young soldier) had been shot in the stomach during the battle, and Charley was surprised to find himself crying over his fatal wound. Nelson didn't live another hour. Chapter 9: This chapter covered the intense battle of Gettysburg. The constant roar of the guns and cannons, the never-ending death surrounded Charley as he fought bravely for his country. However, in this battle, he really was hit... And he could have sworn he was dead... Chapter 10: During this final chapter of the book, Charley reflects over his life. Looking back at the war, Charley feels that he was doing butchery more then he was killing. Because of the war, he was much older mentally then he physically was. He had seen too much death, and lived to see it all. At his picnic in this chapter, he looks at his .36 caliber cap and ball revolver, which he had taken from a Confederate. He remembered people saying "Get me one of those!" as though you didn't have to take a life to get the gun. The war was over, but in Charley's mind, war was always going. Stress and his war wounds took
Charley in the December of 1868.
He was only 23 years old. Characterization: Charley: Courageous, ambitious, responsible Charley's Mother: Caring, worried Nelson: Naive, brave Some possible themes for this book include:
Some conflicts for this story were: Who was going to win the war (Union or Confederacy)
If Charley was going to return home at Fort Snelling
How Charley handled every single detail of the war (battles, the death, etc...)
Thank you SO MUCH for listening to my presentation!!!
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