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Food Service Manager

What a food service manager does and is

Sandra Vela

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Food Service Manager

Culinary Careers Food Service Manager By: Liliana Vela As the food service manager, you should expect to work probably the longest hours- 12 to 15 hours a day and 50 or more a week. The starting salary would be between $30,000-$40,000 per year. As you gain experience, the pay increases up to $60,000 a year. Starting Salary and
Hours per Week Since food service managers have such a universal job, their variety for employment opportunity is large. Places they can work at include cafeterias in schools, hospitals, offices, or factories. Also, fine-dining restaurants, fast-food chains, franchises, kitchens, and dining rooms.
Because the food service manager is basically the top position in its field, there really aren't any promotions from it. Opportunities for Employment
and Advancement
Interviewing, hiring, and firing employees
Look after inventory and ordering of supplies
Supervise preparation of food and serving size
Make sure health and food safety requirements are being followed
See to that all customer complaints are thoroughly investigated and resolved.
Make schedule for employees Roles and Responsibilities Generally, a high school diploma is required for the role of being a food service manager. And although being a food service manager doesn't require a bachelor's degree in hospitality, that will increase your chances of getting the job. The training is a very hard one considering that it consists of a difficult training program and learning how to use all of the computer systems in the business. Here are some characteristics that make for a successful food service manager: Requirements Benefits What they have to get done Where can they work and how they can be promoted How much you start making and how long to work for it Being able to handle customer service
Being a good multi-tasker helps tremendously on the job
Speech skills for assigning tasks clearly and for explaining information to customers/employees.
Organization is key when keeping track of schedules, people, and budgets all at once
Energy to work the long, required hours of a food service manager
The ability to resolve problems comes in handy when dealing with customer service Since the food service manager position is one of the top in their field, they have several benefits. Employers may provide stock options, bonus opportunities, and merchandise discounts. This includes vacation and sick leaves, medical insurance, and sometimes partial dental, vision, life insurance, and retirement benefits. The roles and responsibilities of a food service manager are plentiful. Their roles and responsibilities consist of:
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