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No description

Blanca Carrillo

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Horses

How much do you know about horses?
Horse riding has not always been considered a sport such as swimming, football, basket...
You should realise that horse riding not all depends only in you, it also depends in the horse.

Look for 3 mistakes about the posture:
Right posture
Leg in the saddle trap
Heel down
Fit the hip in the saddle
Straight back
Say the names of the bridle:
Types of fur:
Gallop: galope
Heel: talón
Saddle strap: cincha
Saddle: silla
Fur: pelaje
Hip: cadera
Browband: frontalera
Throat lash: ahogadero
Noseband: muserola
Bit: filete
Reins: riendas
Cheeckpiece: montante del filete
Headpiece: testera
Dressage: doma clásica
Riding whip: fusta
Streamer: serpentina
kick: coz
raise: levantar
afterwards: posteriormente
withers: cruz del caballo.
saddle pad: sudadero
stirrup: estribo
____________ __________ _____________ ____________
__________ __________ __________ __________
Differences between horses and ponys

How many types of ponys are because of high?
a)five types
b)four types
c)three types
Which one is the tallest?
a)pony A
b)pony B
c)pony C
d)pony D
How many types of riding are there?

(the most common)
a) two
b) six
c) four
When you are riding a horse and
it lay down, what does it mean?
a) it is dying
b)it wants to look the track from a different point of view
c)it wants to knock over

What do you have to do in this case?
a)shout desperately
b)give it a riding whip
c)get off
Figures in the horse:
The fastest horse in history:
His name was "Secretariat" he was born in 1970 and he died in 1989.
His colour was chestnut.
How many colours can
they see?
They can distinguise blue, yellow, green
and the rest they see grey.
Vision of the
More curiosities:
A horse can run until 60 km
A horse can live around 25 years
Horse weight is around 500 (payo)
A horse can't vomit
A horses brain is the size of a potato
The ears point where they are looking
Now let´s see how to put it properly.
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