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Getting ready for Goal Setting

No description

Scott MacPhee

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Getting ready for Goal Setting

Goal Setting

What tends to grab your attention?

What do you look forward to?

What has been your most stimulating or enjoyable learning experience?
Personal Abilities and Talents
What seems to come easily or naturally to you?

What are your most advanced or well-developed skills?

In what types of courses do you tend to earn the highest grade?
Your Personal Values
What matters most to you?

What makes you feel good about what you are doing?

What does living a "good life" mean to you?
Become aware of your long term goals
Reading books about different careers
Taking career development courses
Interviewing people in different career fields
Observing (shadowing) people working in different careers
Important: Create goals that are realistic!
15 Purposeful Questions About Life...

1. What personality traits, characteristics, or qualities do you possess that you are most proud of?

2. What do you enjoy reading, writing, or talking about the most?

3. What unique gifts do you bring to the world?

4. What makes you happy, or gets you excited about life, or brings you great joy?

5. What about your life are you most thankful for and grateful for?

6. What do you enjoy doing on a day-to-day basis (or would do on a day-to-day basis if you had the time)?

7. What do you value the most in your life (or, what’s most important in your life)?
8. What events, activities, or experiences in your past have fulfilled you (or made you feel truly engaged)?

9. What is something that you have a strong passion for (or are motivated to do)?

10. What is your quest in life (or what were you born to do)?

11. What change would you like to see in the world (or at least in society)?

12. How would you like to serve others (or make a difference in the life of at least one other person)?

13. What would you do with your life if you knew you could not fail?

14. What can you change about yourself that would enhance your life?

15. How do you want to be remembered?
Interests- What do you like to do?
Abilities & Talents- What are you good at doing?
Values- What do you believe is worth doing?
What are your recurring themes?

Exercise #3

Imagine you won $11.2 million and decided to give it away to charitable causes. Who would you give it to?
Exercise #2

Three years after graduation, you come across a good friend who you haven't seen since your college days. He is excited to catch up and asks you a bunch of questions. Write your answers:

I live in a (type of dwelling) in (town, city, village ) with my (cat, partner, sister, etc.)
I am making a living by (job title/job role)
I am earning ($ per year)
For fun I...
I have started...
I no longer...
I drive a...
Since I have seen you, I can now (skill acquired)
Exercise #5

An extremely rich relative offers to pay all of your bills and will give you an allowance that is 5-times your annual income.

Now what are you going to do?
How are you going to fill each day?
Exercise #1

Imagine you are given a million dollars today, but you need to spend it immediately.

Take out a piece of paper and list 10 items that you would buy with this money. Remember, you must spend it and buy stuff with it. You can't invest it in stocks or put it in the bank. List ten things that you truly want.
Exercise #4

Answer the following

The last time I felt success was:
The last time I did something I really, really did not want to do, but did it anyway, was:
The last time I felt truly happy was:
The last time I felt truly at peace was:
The last time I felt really proud of myself was:
The last new skill that I developed was:
The last time that I felt totally focused was:

- Avoid being vague or too complex
- Express how you will know that you have achieved your goal
- Make goals realistic and achievable
- Clearly identify what you hope to achieve
Time Limit
- Set realistic deadlines for long and short-term goals
- Record and share your goals to increase your commitment
This exercise is meant to put you in touch with your long-term goals
Meeting the old friend exercise is meant to put you in touch with your short-term goals.
The give away exercise is meant to put you in touch with how you see your legacy. (i.e. the impact you would like to leave for others to appreciate.)
"The last time I" exercise is meant to help you appreciate important elements of YOUR life.
The "rich relative" exercise is meant to help you get in touch with how you like to spend your time. How can you incorporate these into your life?
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