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No description

Kylie Jones

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of CATS

Hair Colour
Michael was born a dirty blonde. By the age of 15, he decided he was over with his blonde ways and dyed it.
This is Michael's brown hair. This colour made it look like he had a mop on his head.
This was Michael's black hair. Everyone joked this was his goth phase he would go through as a teenager, and it was! And it never left.
Within the small time he had black hair, he added additional colours including dark blue, teal, and a sort of mint green.
Finally! We've reached galaxy Michael! This colour is one of my all time favourites.
Blonde Michael. I believe he wanted to take a break from bright colours and go back somewhat normal. I really liked this colour but, it didn't match is personality.
Smurf time! This blue added lots of vibrancy and "Pizzazz" to his style.
PINK! Oh the irony of him posing with a poster with P!nk. Maybe that was intended?
This is the "Reversal Skunk." Why it was reversed? No idea. But it was a good look.
Green Mikey was a clean Mikey. Boy looked like a tree, but oddly enough, it fit him.
This is Lilac Michael. This was the best time for his hair, being as beautiful as ever.
It's amazing how you can transition from a light purple to a white within weeks. That's the power of bleaching
Michael looked like Clifford the Dog. Ironic since his last name is Clifford.
Now that you've seen the colourful side of Michael, now it's time for you to get to know him! Here are some random facts about Michael that you should know.
Michael's full name is Michael Gordon Clifford.
His parents names are Karen and Daryl Clifford.
Michael is an only child but is the oldest of his cousins.
Michael was born on November 20th,1994
Michael had started the band, 5 Seconds of Summer, with his two friends from school, Luke and Calum. Ashton soon joined later.
Michael dropped out of school to pursue his Musical career.
Who is Michael Clifford?
Michael Clifford is an Australian boy who plays guitar in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. He is amazing and may or may not like pizza quite a lot. He can be cute and awkward but then switches and is a funny jerk. Nobody ever knows what colour his hair is... He has a bromance with his buddy, Luke Hemmings, and is an all round incredible person.
Michael's favourite album of all time is "The Best of Queen."
Michael's favourite band is All Time Low. Soon after touring their first time with One Direction, Michael became friends with Jack Barakat, a member of ATL.
Michael's favourite colour is green.
He once admitted in a tweet that his favourite word was "Cheeseburger."
Green Hair
Michael always double knots his shoes.
favourite candy is the Cadbury Twirl
Michael is a massive gamer and is known for rage quitting quite a lot.
His favourite anime is Dragon Ball Z
He cannot live without his computer, to play games mostly.
Michael's favourite Disney movie is Camp Rock.
Michael calls himself "Mangelina Jolie" due to his larger lips.
His signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso
Michael's favourite movie is Forest Gump
While on tour with One Direction, Michael became great friends with Harry Styles.
Michael is known for having some of the most horrendous photos from his childhood. Edits, phonecases, earrings, and shirts have been made with these just for the humor of it.
Well, that's all I have for now. As this prezi was created, Michael had dyed his hair three more times, blonde, blonde with blue, and black and blue. And who knows how many times he's going to dye it within the year. Catch you later!
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