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Module 1: Unit 2: Lesson 2

No description

Trier Schneider

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Module 1: Unit 2: Lesson 2

1. Sit with your triads.

2. Find references to Cronus in Chapter 10,
and mark them with evidence flags.

3. Share your flags with your triad.
Evidence Flags
"Myths and Legends"
Cronus and Rhea
Reading Closely: Guiding Questions
Learning Targets
* “I can use details from images to make
predictions about the myth of Cronus.”

* “I can get the gist of the myth of Cronus.”

* “I can reflect on the things that close
readers do.”
Myths and Legends
Module 1: Unit 2: Lesson 2
"Reading closely begins by considering my specific purposes for reading and important information about a text."

~ My paraphrase
This mean that before I read, I need to know why I am reading. Am I reading for fun? To learn something new? To gather information?
"Myths and Legends"
1. Read the myth "Cronus"
independently for the gist.

2. Jot down the gist in the margin as
you read.

3. When I tell you, you will be
sharing your annotations with
your triad.

Fist to Five on first target?

What is a gist?
What did you notice?
What did you wonder?

“Based on what you noticed and wondered about the illustrations, what is one prediction you have about the myth of Cronus?” - write your answer on a sticky note.

Be ready to read your sticky note to the class. :)
"Myths and Legends"
Which statement below BEST expresses Cronus' motivation for swallowing his children?

A. Cronus liked being Lord of the
B. Cronus loved his wife, Rhea, and
feared one of his children would
harm her.
C. Cronus was afraid that one of his
children would become more
powerful than he was.
D. Cronus was being punished by
Mother Earth.
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