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Analysing Media Products: Iron Man 2

Cambridge Technicals - Media Level 3 - Unit 1

Paul Lusuku

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Analysing Media Products: Iron Man 2

Media Institution Paramount pictures corporation is a American based film and television production/distribution company, which is known as one of the largest (top grossing) movie studios.When entertainment is paramount, many people turn to Paramount Pictures Corporation. Paramount Pictures have made some 3,500 films, including classic hits from the Star Trek, Godfather, and Indiana Jones series, and releases about a dozen new titles annually. Paramount Pictures distributes movies on video and DVD through Paramount Home Entertainment. The studio ceased to own DreamWorks in 2008. Paramount was founded as Famous Players Film Company by Adolph Zukor in 1912; it was acquired by Viacom in 1994. Ownership Operating model is the representation of how an organisation works across process, organisation and technology domains in order for it to function. An organisation can be a very complex system. An operating model breaks this system down, to improve understanding and point out things that may need improving. An operating model can describe the way an organisation does business today. Alternatively, a fictional model can communicate how the organisation wants to transform its business. Operating model Products Paramount pictures focuses mainly on making films, hit series, Dvd’s and Videos. They may have some involvement in the music industry, however making films is their main priority. They have produced some of the best movies to hit the big screen such as, Transformers, Thor and Indiana Jones. Paramount pictures is vertical studio. They own everything they use in their films, such as props, studio etc.. Unlike other organisations, Paramount pictures distribute their movies straight to the general public. For example, Marvel allow other companies the right to distribute their movie, for the right price. Market position There are many other organisations in the movie industry, but paramount pictures has three main competitors. These are Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, Fox filmed Entertainment and The Walt Disney Studios. All these companies produce great quality films, so it is important Paramount pictures stays on top. Competitors Target Audience The first question I asked was what did you think of the opening scene of Iron Man 2. I got a really positive feedback as 80% said good things about the opening scene. As with first Iron Man the opening scene was entertaining and active. 10% said negative things about the scene and 10% were not sure. 1.What did you think of the opening scene of Iron Man 2? As I expected 80% went to watch Iron Man 2 just to be entertained. The first Iron Man was very entertaining so it comes at no surprise that the majority said they went to Iron Man entertainment. “Personal identity” and “integration and social interaction” came in with 10% each; its common for people to go see movies with their friends as you enjoy it more. Also they could talk during the movie and discuss events during the film. Some those who said the watched Iron Man 2, they may idolise superheroes and wanted to be like them. 2.What was your reason for watching Iron Man 2? According to 60% of the people questioned Iron Man 2 didn't not have any effect on their view of terrorism. So thats more then half that believe this; 40% felt that after watching Iron Man 2 their view on terrorism had changed. They may have felt that they are more valuable to terrorism and that they are not safe enough. As Iron Man 2 is based on violence, and the breach of safety people may fear these things happening in real life. 3.Did the movie have effect on your view of terrorism? Women were indeed objectified according to 80% of those asked, they said things like, “defiantly”, “of course” and “very much. In most action films, the directer will often use women as objects but will to give them some sort of authority. 20% disagreed and didn't think women were used as objects. To my surprise it was mainly men that felt women were being objectified in Iron Man 2 4.Do you feel women were objectified in Iron Man 2? This question gave to widest variety of answers, as there was no stand out result. However , the most common result at 33% was strength; women were seen as strong in Iron Man 2 to these people. In contrast to this 11% said they were weak and 22% said they were inferior. Women being dominate came in at 11% and 22% were undecided. In contrast to the previous question, a large majority of women felt women were represented as strong. I believe that women’s views on how women are seen have got more positive because of Iron Man 2., they were seen as strong and i’m sure female viewers enjoyed that. 5.How were women represent in Iron Man? As Iron Man 2’s target was a fairly young age group, I was expecting to get results back saying they went to see the film with friends. Iron Man 2 is the type of movies you would want to see with you friends as it is action packed. 50% said they went to watch it with their friends; when watching a movie with friends you tend to feed of their reactions, so you rarely notice faults and will in general enjoy the movie. However, 40% said they watched Iron Man 2 alone, so they could concentrate on whats going on. No one said they went to watch the film with family and 10% watched Iron Man 2 at the cinema’s. 6.When watching Iron Man 2 did you watch it.... To my surprise the majority said they wouldn't have preferred Iron Man 2 if it was in 3D. They said things like, “it was fine the way it was” and “3D can be irritating at some times”. 60% felt it was good without 3D. 40% disagreed and felt 3D would have improved the experience. “It would have got us more involved” said one person, showing a clear contrast to the other 60%. 7.Would you have preferred Iron Man 2 if it was in 3D? Although Iron Man 2 was a very action packed movie, a large majority said that this film can not influence the use of violence. 60% thought that Iron Man 2 couldn’t influence violence as it didn't promote it. Probably as its not realistic that someone would develop a violent nature from a movie which isn’t real. On the other hand, 40% felt Iron Man 2 did promote violence and could influence the use of violence; many people fantasies about being a super-hero’s so Iron Man 2 could give viewers the belief that they can take crime into their own hands. 8.Did you feel Iron Man 2 could influence the use of violence? I gave this questionnaire out to my target audience so its shock that nearly 100% said it was suitable for them to watch. 90% felt Iron Man was suitable for them to watch, maybe because there was no inappropriate scenes and rare uses of bad language. But no everyone was satisfied. 10% felt Iron Man 2 was not suitable for their target audience. They might have felt this because of the violence and brief displays of sexual appeal within the movie. 9.Did you feel Iron Man 2 was suitable for the target audience? So to conclude, Iron Man 2 got near enough a perfect overall feedback as 90% of the final comments were positive. Not one single person had anything bad to say about Iron Man 2 as 10% were uncertain on there overall view. 10.What was your overall view of Iron Man 2? From the information I have gathered in this survey, we can see that the male audience dominate the viewing of this movie. Of the 15 people I surveyed 73% were male; this come to no shock as it is usually the male audience these types of movies are aimed at. 1.What is your gender? Although I already knew what the target audience was for Iron Man 2, I thought I would ask a wide variety of ages. But results show that the younger ages were the most popular as 87%, of people questioned were 17 or younger. The other 13% were in the 18-20, which shows that the younger viewers enjoy movies such as Iron Man 2. 2.Which category below includes your age From the results gathered from my survey, I found out that the ethic origin Iron Man 2 was most popular with was the white origin. 60% of the people surveyed were said to be white. The second most popular ethic origin, with 27%, was the other; this is understandable as Iron Man 2 was a movie aimed to be view all over the world. Asian and Indian ethic origins both notched in with 7%. 3.What is your ethnic origin? As this was a movie originally shot in english, it has come to no shock that the majority of the people how viewed to movie speak english most fluently. 71% of the people questioned were english speakers, with a fair 7% speaking other languages. Although english might not be the most fluent language, everyone asked could speak good english. 4.In what language do you speak most fluently? As yo can see, Iron Man 2 was given a very high rating and looked as if it was enjoyed by most people. 73% rated this movie at 7 which is very high. Others thought it was good as 7% gave it a 5 out of 10. On also, 20% gave it a high 8 out of 10 which shows the majority of people liked it. 5.What would you rate Iron Man 2 (10 being the best) The main reason why people went watch this movie because the saw and enjoyed the first one. 53% of the people went to see Iron Man 2 because they saw and enjoyed the first one. 7% said they went to see this movie because of the good review it got. Recommendation from a friend came in as the 2nd most popular reason for seeing Iron Man 2 as 27% said this was the reason. and finally 13% said they went to watch Iron Man to for reasons not listed. 6.Why did you choose to watch Iron Man 2 As Robert Downey Jr is the main character of this movie it comes as no surprise that the is voted by the majority of the people asked as their favourite character. 67% of the people said he was their favourite; he was be far the most popular. In second, 27% said that Scarlett Johansson was their favourite. And in third with 7% was Samuel Jackson. 7.Who was your favourite character? It was clear that this movie was viewed by people that usually go to watch actions movies, as 80% said the do usually go to watch movies like Iron Man 2. This 80% was dominated by the male gender and the 20% that said they do not were female. 8.Do you watch movies like this often? Iron Man 2 was a very popular movie as 67% went to go see it in the movies. These people could have gone to see Iron Man 2 in the movies becauseThis is more than half of all the results. 27% watched Iron Man 2 on Dvd after it came out and 7% watched it in a way not listed. 9.Where did you watch this movie? Overall the feedback I got for Iron Man 2 was positive. 87% gave position feedback as what their views were of this movie. Leaving 7% with negative
feedback and the other 7% unsure. 10.What is your overall opinion of this film? The Dominant

There are many dominant contrasts in the scene. The size of the robot on the right hand side of the picture draws out attention to it straight away. The colour of the robot on the right eyes, red, stands out first because its glowing. Also, in the centre of the shot, there is a very big gun, on the back of of the robot, which suggests intentions to cause damage. Although we can see other robots in the background, the main focus of this mise-en-scene is on Iron man and his friend. The lighting is very dark and the glowing eyes are what we can see first. Lighting

Lighting is key in this shot, because if it was a bright colourful shot, it would take the drama away from the situation. It is dark and all we can clearly see is there eyes. It is as if they are in the shadows and and are planning an attack; the darkness of the shot, and the clarity of their eyes foreshadows oncoming action. There is a clear contrast between light and darkness in this shot; it being dark allows to look deeper into the situation. furthermore it being dark emphasises the fact that it is a action film, full of surprises. Shots and Camera Proxemics

This shot is a close up shot. The two characters are shown from the chest up. This dosent give much away and has us wondering what is around them. Camera Angle

This shot is eye-level, not much happening in the frame. However, by the way the camera is angled, we are able to see both characters and even a extra in the background; this shows that both these characters are the main focus but not the only ones in the scene. Colour Values

When we first look at tis shoot the dominate colours that jump out are the red and blue eyes of Iron man and his friend. They are the first things that jump out us. These colours are symbolic. Maybe the red eyes of the one right symbolise a bad robot turned good; the blue usually symbolises good. The darkness around them symbolise the fact that they are on their own, and the yellow on the chest of the robot in the back suggests it has no affiliation with the two main characters Subsidiary Contrasts

The main subsidiary contrast in this shot is Iron man. He doesn't stand out as much as the man in the, iron man like suit, to the right. Although he blends in with the background, his eyes glow brightly and it is as if he is looking directly at us, engaging us. However Iron man’s eyes are glowing significantly and he’s attention looks to be facing towards us too. The only other thing in shot is the robot in the back, which is out of focus. Understanding Audiences Density

Although there a lot of objects in the background, the
image is not very dense because the focus limits the viewer
to taking in only two main things that we are drawn to: Iron Man and his friend. Framing

Although the one on the right looks central, he is more the the right of the frame. the framing is moderatly tight and not loose. It seems as if they are being pushed together and have no space. Character Placement

The characters are both at the edge of the frames but the towards the right is more centralised. Staging Positioning

Both of the characters are shown in profile and have a certain presence about them. Distribution Distribution is about releasing and sustaining films in the market place. There are two types of integration, vertical integration and Horizontal. Vertical integration is when a company expands its business into areas that are at different points on the same production path, such as when a manufacture owns its supplier and/or distributor. Horizontal however, is the use of additional business activities that are at the same level of value chain in similar or different industries. This can be achieved by internal or external growth. Because the different firms are involved in the same stage of production, horizontal integration allows them to share resources at the level. Also there are other ways to watch movies such as Iron Man 2, for example, blu-ray, online and illegally. What Is Distribution Things have changed over the last decade or so, as seeing a movie on a friday or over the weekend isn’t a priority. With the introduction of ‘Orange Wednesdays’ it is more profitable for people to see movies during the week. The film industry has picked up on this and with certain films, moved the release dat to during the week. The marketing campaign is a very expensive process as they have to use billboards, adverts, and the internet to promote a movie. The release date for Iron Man 2 was 30th of april 2010 Release Dates Film marketing is a vital part in the success of a movie. What this will consist of is posters, billboards,trailers, adverts in the newspaper and on TV. It is a very expensive process which requires a lot of time and planning, to insure the movie gets enough exposure before release date. Film Marketing Trailers are really important as they give us a brief insight as to what we would expect from the movie. It is common for a movie to show us some of the best bits to get us hooked and want to see the movie. It is probably the most important thing to do with the distribution of a movie Trailers Most Hollywood films are distributed directly by the studio which financed the film. In the UK the cinema box office is dominated by a handful of major distributors, for example Paramount Pictures. In various years the 5 major distributors will have contributed to 90% of the box-office rentals. Film Distribution in the UK About BBFC
The British Board of Film Censors was set up in 1912 by the film industry as an independent body to bring a degree of uniformity to the classification of film nationally. Statutory powers on film remain with the local councils, which may overrule any of the BBFC’s decisions, passing films we reject, banning films we have passed, and even waiving cuts, instituting new ones, or altering categories for films exhibited under their own licensing jurisdiction.
All classification decisions are based on the BBFC’s published and regularly updated Guidelines. The Guidelines are the product of extensive public consultation, research and the accumulated experience of the BBFC over many years. They reflect current views on film, DVD and video game regulation. BBFC look at issues such as discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour, language, nudity, sex and others. These are the main topics the BBFC feel need to be addressed.
The difference between 12 and 12A is that the 12 certificates are just for videos, DVDs and Blu-rays, and 12A is for cinema only. 12A rated films to be suitable for children aged 12 and over, and we would not recommend taking very young children to see them. Works classified at these categories may upset children under 12 or contain material which many parents will find unsuitable for them.
In some movies there may be some bad language but it has to be infrequent and not of a racist nature. Also the reference to sex is suitable, however it has to be suitable for teenagers to witness. Horror films are passed at this category. Moderate physical and psychological threat is permitted at 12 or 12A as long as disturbing sequences are not too frequent or sustained. Dangerous behaviour (for example hanging, suicide and self-harming) may be seen in some 12 or 12A movies but will not go as deep into it as a 18 for example would.
Legal Issues
When it comes to legal issues, there isn’t much to say about Iron Man 2. The film was rated by www.bbfc.co.uk at 12A with the trailer being a PG. Also from this website I gathered information which told us that no cuts where made to Iron Man 2. There is action and violence but no gore of inappropriate features. Although there are some displays of affection, there are no sex scenes. This is why it is suitable for 12 year olds to watch the film. Also there were no ethic issues that needed to be addressed. Iron Man 2 is suitable to be viewed before watershed. There were no ethic problems with Iron Man2 to that were brought up.
On the subject of ethical issues, Iron Man 2 didn’t have any. It is a suitable movie for anyone of any ethic background to watch.
The BBFC has a very important ethnic role to play for British audiences. It needs to make sure that people of any ethnic background will not be offended by any movie shown in the U.K. If Iron Man 2 had negative reference to people with ethnic origins, it will lose a vast amount of its audience.
Copyright Issues
With big blockbuster movies, there is always the issue of copyright and fraud. People make the choice to go on line and download the movie for free. This is a illegal act, as you are not given permission by the legal owners of the movie. This can have a major effect on the sales figures of the company because people will stop going and paying to watch the movie, when they can watch it for free at home. Legal and Ethic Issues Focus group analysis When asked for the reason why my focus group went to watch Iron Man 2, they told me they went to watch it because they liked the original one. Also, as Iron Man 2 is a follow on from the first one, they felt obligated to see the second one. 1.Why did you go to watch Iron Man 2? I asked my focus group if they usually watch movies in this genre. They told me they do as they enjoy the action genre in particular. one person said they like to watch movies made by marvel.
2. Do you usually watch movies within the same genre as Iron Man 2? From the information I gathered from my focus group Iron Man 2 has go the typical conventions of an action movie. When questioned about the conventions of a action movies, they were all convinced Iron Man 2 contains them. 3. Did Iron Man 2 have the typical conventions of an action movie? I asked if the plot was similar to the previous Iron Man and they said yes. They said as it was a follow on the from the first Iron Man so it had to be the same. One said “the plot was the same but the villains were different”. 4. Did you find the plot of Iron Man 2 similar to the previous Iron Man? The scene were Iron Man was fighting all the other robots with Rhodey was said to be one participant in my focus group's favourite scene. The others enjoyed the movie and liked every scene equally. 5. What was your favourite scene in Iron Man 2? For all three, the actors were the main reason why they went to watch Iron Man 2; they felt that without these actors it wouldn't have felt the same and would have been awkward. This comes as no shock as the characters of Iron Man 2 are well respected 6. Where the actors the main reason why you want to watch Iron Man 2? As the people I used for my focus were not media students, I did not expect them to notice any shots in particular. They all said they didn’t take note of any shots. 7. Did you notice any stand out camera shots? The first Movie was our first introduction to Iron Man himself and from my research I discovered that many thought it was the best Iron Man. Two of the people I interviewed for my focus group thought this as well, but one thought the second one was better; probab;y because it was a harder challenge for him to overcome. 8. Did you prefer Iron Man 1 or Iron Man 2? Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man and the movie revolves around him. He has been in other movies so he is a audience favourite. When I asked my focus group who did they prefer two said Robert downey Jr and the third one was unsure. 9. Who did you feel was a better actor? Robert Downey Jr or Scarlett Johansson? I asked my focus group if the setting of Iron Man 2 was suitable for they type of movie. They all said it was suitable; probably because it was set in a really busy city where a lot is at stake. Also as Iron Man is a well known super-hero it would make sense to shot the movie in a well known city. 9. Did the type of setting fit the type of film? So overall my focus group did like Iron Man 2 and can not wait for the third one. The feedback I got from my focus group was really positve, and not one of them had a negative thing to say about the movie. 10. Overall, did you enjoy Iron Man 2? Financial Intentions As with any other movie organisation, Iron Man 2's main aim was to make profit. Iron Man 2 grossed over $1 billion dollars worldwide; this made it the third highest grossing film of all time. The Estimated cost the of production of Iron Man ranged from $50 to $75 million. Production Process Iron Man 2 was directed by Jon Favreau, a director who is known for the great movies he creates. Iron Man 2 was written by Justin Theroux who has also have succes in the film industy. The film stars Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke. The movie itself was distributed by Paramount pictures one of the most dominate figure in the movie industy. The storyboarding was done by some of the best in the industry and paramount picture made sure the got the best camera crew in the business. Film Review Focus Group Filming Post-Production Pre-Production Scenes were filmed at Edwards Air Force Base from May 11 through May 13. The Historic Grand Prix of Monaco action sequence was shot in the parking lot of Downey Studios, with sets constructed in May and filming lasting through June. Permission to film in Monaco prior to the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix had initially been awarded, but was later retracted by Bernie Ecclestone. The filmmakers shipped one Rolls-Royce Phantom there, and filmed a track sequence in which race cars were later digitally added. Scenes were filmed at Edwards Air Force Base from May 11 through May 13. The Historic Grand Prix of Monaco action sequence was shot in the parking lot of Downey Studios, with sets constructed in May and filming lasting through June. The Pre-production process begins as soon as the movie is given the go ahead. So this means having everything ready, from casting choices to storyboarding. During this process, after the cast members have been decided, the script will be broken down individually so thing like, location, props, cast and costumes can be sorted. A very detailed schedule will be made by the producers to make sure everything goes according to plan. A film storyboard is basically a large comic cut into small sections, used to prevent any chance of confusion and mistakes. There are many different tyes of storyboard, different writers used different techniques. There are many different types of storyboarding; Theater, Animatics, Photomatics, Comic Books, Business, Novels, Interactive Media, Software. In October 2008, Marvel Studios came to an agreement to film Iron Man 2, as well as their next three films, at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, California. A few days later, Don Cheadle was hired to replace Terrence Howard as James Rhodes. On being replaced, Howard stated, "There was no explanation, apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren't worth the paper that they're printed on sometimes". This shows that this can be a very stressful process. ILM created 527 shots for the film, using programs such as Maya. Perception worked on over 125 shots for the film. They crafted gadgets, such as Tony Stark's transparent LG smartphone, and created the backdrops for the Stark Expo as well as the computer screen interfaces on the touch-screen coffee table and the holographic lab environment. In total, 11 visual effect studios worked on the film. OFCOM The Office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom, is the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunication and postal industries of the United Kingdom.
Ofcom has wide-ranging powers across the television, radio, telecoms and postal sectors. It has a statutory duty to represent the interests of citizens and consumers by promoting competition and protecting the public from what might be considered harmful or offensive material. Some of the main areas Ofcom presides over are licensing, research, codes and policies, complaints, competition and protecting the radio spectrum from abuse.
Iron Man 2 will be fully accessed by Ofcom to see whether or not the meet it meets the requirements to be shown before the watershed. Things like sexual references, swearing and violence will be looked at and matched to the suitability of Iron Man 2’s target audience. The BBFC gave Iron Man 2 a 12A rating as it is suitable for most age groups, however there are some signs of terrorism and violence, there for it is not suitable for everyone. Codes And Conventions Of A Trailer Film Trailers usually consist of the same codes and conventions, which are included to give their audience the information and drive to go see this movie. Within a trailer there will most likely be a voiceover used to tell the story and give us a discription on what to expect. Also there will be the showcasing of the stars in the film, showing there roles and how they are involved. In terms of dialogue, conversations between the characters often consists of one-liners and not full converstaions. In some cases the characters may not be having a conversation, they may be thinking in the heads are be saying nothing at all. Dramatic camera angles will be used to show ceratin events, or certain characters in a particular way; the producer might choose to use titles to do the taking instead of actual dialogue. Sound and music play i key role in setting the scene and adding drama. Codes and Conventions of action film Narrative Theory 1 Narrative Theory 2 Narrative Theory 3 The Iron man 2 trailer shows us a few binary oppositions in a short space of time. It shows us the forces of good and bad, through Iron Man and Ivan Vanko, the difference between rich and poor, through Iron Man and Vanko and how a men can help women, through Pepper Potts and Tony Stark. Also when Iron Man was caught out of his suit by Ivan Vanko we could see the binary opposition of weak and poor. There is one main villian in Iron Man 2, whos main plot is to destroy Tony Stark. The villian in this movie is Ivan Vanko, the russian scientist who wishes to avenge the death of his father and some how manage to get a hold of Stark idustry blueprints. So Vanko goes to Monaco, in France and trays to kill Tony Stark, but agent Collson and Pepper got to Tony in time to give him his suit so he could defeat Vanko. This was not the end however, In every action films there will always be a hero and villain, and we are made to grow to the hero and despise the villain. The villain will usually have the upper-hand over the hero, but in the end the hero come out on top. Another common thing with action movies, is the choices of music. There will often be loud, fast paced music used to instigate out emotions and have connect with the situation. With fast paced, nerve racking music comes a explosions, violence and a disorder of some sort. Action movies include a wide range of settings and locations, which are usally distroyed or effect by violence. With distraction and violence comes the death of innocent people and heart-break. Fast cars, big houses and loads of money will usually all feature in action movies and are used as a incentive. In Iron Man 2, the state of equilibrium is not long lasting. At beginning of the movie we see the villian to be, Ivan Vanko with is father. His father passes away and all seems normal, until he enters his lab and we see a "Stark Industry" blueprint. This is when the equilibrium begins to be disrupted. Ivan Vanko then goes to find Tony Stark, as he thinks he is responsible for the mass distruction of the russian town. Iron Man attempts troughout the movie to repair the disruption made by the villian. At the end of the final fight scene, Vanko manages to escape and the equilibrium is restored for the mean time.
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