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Applying a Rigid Splint

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on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Applying a Rigid Splint

Applying a Rigid Splints
What are rigid splints?
A rigid split is an object that prevents any part of the body to make any movement.
It is usually used in emergency first aid-kit for treatment and to prevent further injury's like a broken bone.
The rigid splint is made out of a plastic or metal braces that strap onto to the injured part of the body.
Applying A Rigid Splint
Check the scene for safety, check the injured person. Call 9-1-1 or a local emergency number if necessary
Steps To Apply A Rigid
According to Red Cross the correct way to apply a rigid splint is by :
Step 1:
Obtain consent.
Step 2:
Support the injured body part above and below the site of the injury
Step 3:
Check for feeling, warmth and color
Step 4:
Place the rigid splint (board) under the injured body part and the joints that are above and below the injured body part.
Step 5:
Tie several folded triangular bandages above and below the injured body part
Step 6:
Recheck for feeling warth and color
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