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what i want to become

No description

mahogany blacmon

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of what i want to become

what it's all about....
Becoming an ob-gyn is hard work it takes at minimum eleen years to go to college ,have an internship and have experience what are they known for...
ob-gyn's are formally known to diagnose and treat disease
and to deliver babies and other things concerning
the female reprductive system. tools used for this job
1.they use ultasounds
2.they use stethescopes
when performing sea-sections they use
they use surgical tools such as scalops,clamps,and surgical stitches
what ways can a baby be delivered?
a baby can be deliverd vaginally or through a cesaren section.A cesaren birth happens when the mother is uncomfotable with exposure with her vagina,or if the mother or the child has medical problem.A vaginal birth is when the mother pushes the baby out of her vagina with an numming medicine to lessen the pain called an epidural.
Becoming an ob-gyn
Mahogany blackmon Job desription
An ob-gyn's day consists of
taking care of women with problem's or diseases
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