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diana macias

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Physical Detour is the contestants have to run 2 laps around the balcony upstairs at Science Central then proceed to go down the slide to the bottom floor then run through the slanted room and back out the front door.
The Physical Detour of Science Central
The Physical Detour for Old Fort: Two members have to learn how to march like a soldier while holding a gun which will be fake for safety reasons.
The Mental Detour of Science Central
Detours for Old Fort
The Mental Detour is each team has and item and they have to hide it and then when they both have hide the item they have to find each other items. In The Old Fort.
The Physical Detour for Indiana Tech one member from the team has to score five goals on the goalie of the Indiana Tech soccer team.
Detours for Indiana Tech

The Mental Detour for Science Central is participants run around the building remembering 8 first elements in the Periodic Table.The elements will be scattered around Science Central and the elements have to be arranged in the correct order at the entrance of Science Central.

For the Physical Detour all members need to participate in laying on the floor, each member needs to have their head on another persons stomach then laugh. This is a singing warm up.

The Mental Detour is each team gets a map and the teams will have to memorize where 5 of the buildings at Indiana Tech. They will get five minutes to memorize and then they will get bikes to go to the location and retrieve certain items first.
For the Mental Detour All members need to participate in performing Goosey Goosey Gander, Old Mother Hubbard, Mary Mary Quite Contrary or London Bridge is Falling Down.
Detours for the Arts United Center
The Physical Detour for the Aure Center of Arts is that 2 members from each group needs to successfully do the five ballet positions.
For the Mental Detour participants will remember what each of the ballet terms Plie, Releve, and Saute mean.
The Physical Detour of The Fountain
For the physical detour teams will have to run downtown to try and find parts (blocks) to recreate the building. Once they have all of the parts they will go back to the history center and build the replica there.
Detours for The Old City Hall

For The physical task participants will have to deliver soda to a certain person while riding a bike. Once they get their they will have to balance a book their head and successfully deliver the soda.

For the mental detour participant will have to solve a puzzle of the plaque that the old city has. They will have a total of 10 minuets.

The Mental Detour for The Fountain

For the mental detour the participants will have to chose one person to make soda while the other participants need to read the instructions. Once they are done they will have to present their soda to a panel of judges.

The Mental Detour for Coney Island
For the Physical task participants will have to race another team and run through the tunnels of the embassy theater and find their way to the stage and retrieve a flag.

For the Mental Detour one participant must calculate the total price of three chili dogs plus five coney dogs increased by six pops combined with three bags of chips.

For the mental detour teams will have to chose one person to sell tickets at the Embassy theater box office. They need to sell at least three tickets.
The Physical Detour for Coney Island
The Physical Detour for this location is the participants will be given a map of The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and will have to find the Orangutan Statue located somewhere inside the establishment

For the Physical Detour participants will have to deliver 3 hot dogs to each of the three “customers” hidden within Coney Island they must successfully bring to the “customer” what they ordered.

The Mental Detour for this location is the participants will get a pamphlet of the different species and they will have to walk around the zoo matching the animals on the pamphlet to the animals that are currently residing inside the zoo.
The Physical Detour for The Embassy Theater
The Roadblock of Parkview Field will be hitting a fastball(A fastball is a ball thrown at maximum speed by the pitcher),or a underhand toss by a pitcher from the professional team TinCaps for safety reasons.For other safety reasons the participants will wear safety protection such as a baseball helmet and other equipment.If there happens to be more than one group there will be pitchers waiting on the sidelines waiting for groups to come and they will do the same task as the first pitcher.
The Mental Detour for The Embassy Theater
RoadBlock For Parkview Field
The Physical Detour for Fort Wayne's Children Zoo
The Mental Detour for Fort Wayne's Children
The Physical Detour of Aure Center of Arts
The Mental Detour of Aure Center of Arts
The Physical task for coliseum is that they have to play hockey against the Komets goalie and score at least two goals.
The Mental task for the coliseum is that the teams will be given a map they will have 10 minutes to memorize the set up of the whole coliseum. Then they will have 10 minutes to solve a puzzle that is a map of the coliseum.

Detours For Coliseum
The race will be starting at head waters park and it will end at Fox island. There will be fifty teams of four and the age limit is 13-45 and the Race will take courses over one day in Autumn.
1st location:Bus
2nd :Bike
3rd:Pontoon then Bike
4th: Bike
6th Ride Tricycles
7th: Walk
8th location One person pushing the other in a cart
9th location Run
10th location Animal cars
11th location car
12 location: Bus
13 location:Car

Our ultimate goal is to bring the community together by creating fun activities that everyone in the family will enjoy.

To get to the first location particapents will take a bus
To get to the next location particpants will bike
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