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This presentation shows what a lot of people thinks about Egypt and what is Egypt's reality. The ice burg is used to show that people see the part above water but can't see the under water part.

Ahmed Mohamed

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Egypt

What do most people think about Egypt? Egypt Camels Desert Pyramids What is Egypt in reality? History Food Koshari Kofta Egyptian breakfast Egyptian Drinks Egyptian Desserts Music Internet TV. Old & New Economy & Business Sports Egypt is in the northeastern part of Africa, Egypt's area covers about 1M square Km. Egyptians speak the Arabic language There are about 90 million people in Egypt. The range of temperature in Egypt is from 41 °F to 117 °F. In Egypt there are few storms, little rain and snow is very rare. & Tourism Egyptian
cuisine Hawawshi This is Egypt Where is Egypt? Population and Religion in Egypt Famous places & Cities Weather in Egypt 2560 BC. 525 BC. 332 BC. 30 BC. 654 AD. 969 AD. 1517 AD. 1798 1801 1882 1919 1952 1981 2011 2012 2013 Holydays and Celebrations Ramadan Eastern day Schools
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